Kilted to Kick Cancer – The Results

Ambulance Driver has the results posted here. It cracks me up that he won his own contest, but I can’t think of anyone else who deserves it more. I’d like to thank everyone that donated on my behalf, and I’d like to blow a big old raspberry at you who didn’t. Kidding, of course. In the contest, I placed pretty much exactly where I expected to – neither at the top nor the bottom, but pretty close to the middle of the standings. But really, there were no ‘losers’ in this game. We all went out there, spread awareness of male-specific cancers, and raised a pretty nice chunk of change that is going to a great cause. I’d like to tip my hat to everyone involved – to AD for poking us all with the stick, to everyone that was Kilted to Kick Cancer, and to everyone who graciously gave toward this worthy goal.

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