Kilted to Kick Cancer – Last Chance

The liquor store around the corner is run by a Korean family. They are very nice people. The son has very little accent and many people don’t realize that he wasn’t born here. His parents (known to the public as ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, both have hard accents and have their struggles getting integrated into Western culture.

When I walked into the store in my kilt, Mom got curious and shouted, “What you doing? Why you wearing skirt?”

I was pressed for time and since I knew that it would be particularly difficult to explain the cancer awareness deal to her, I simply explained, “It’s not a skirt. It’s a kilt.”

“Oh,” she responded in bewilderment, “Is very nice.”

liquor store

Folks, we’re down to the nitty gritty on this deal as the contest closes today. I had no delusions that I would actually win the contest, but I’d really like to at least be a contender. It’s not too late, but it’s close. So please. Give a donation for me to the Prostate Cancer Foundation here or LiveStrong here. Thank you in advance! FWIW, one of my supporters just won a really sweet gun case! Clearly, donating on my behalf generates good luck for the giver.

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