Gun Casket Giveaway

If either of you wound up here before you went to my lovely wife’s site, you should go there now. She’s giving away a beautiful anodized aluminum shotgun case with an electronic lock on it.

Gun Casket

When Gun Casket offered to send her the two cases, she wanted the pistol case (which she will keep) in purple. I asked her to get the other one in orange. It is gorgeous. I wants it. My Preeecccciiiouuussss…. But alas. I know how many shotshells are in that pic. I helped set it up and count them. I’m ineligible. But you could win it. It’s boxed and ready to go next weekend. Go drop a guess count in the comment section on her blog for your chance to win the pretty. It’s shiny and it needs a home before I make it disappear.

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