A Guy With Two Knives

So, Og wants to see the knives we carry all the time. Here are mine:

2011-09-21 13.42.26
On my right side I carry a Ka-Bar 4058. It has a D2 blade mounted to a titanium handle with a liner lock. This one is my beater knife, taking on boxes and twigs, fingernail grime, and pretty much all of my daily knife tasks. That D2 is some seriously tough steel!

2011-09-21 13.42.40
On my left I carry a Kershaw 1660TIZDP. It’s nearly a clone of the standard Ken Onion Leek with the differences being that it has a ZDP189 blade mounted in a Titanium handle with a frame lock like the standard Leek. This one stays deathly sharp and doesn’t see the abuse that the Ka-Bar does. The ZDP189 has such a hard inner core that it tends to be a little on the brittle side. I actually had to send the first one back to Kershaw because about 1/4″ inexplicably snapped off the tip of the blade.

Of course both knives sport thumb studs and pocket clips, just as you would imagine. I usually don’t clip them to my pockets because they tend to scuff my leather when I sit if I do. I’ve considered pulling the clips off and storing them someplace safe, but the things are just so handy when you need them!

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