Kilted to Kick Cancer – The Pics Are Official

It’s on like Diddy Kong! I’ve officially secured a professional photographer who is donating her time to the cause and is willing to take whatever kinds of pictures my top donator wants to see. I want to see some high-dollar donations and some awkward requests for photos. As I said before, the table is pretty full with what’s on it. If you want some high quality pics of me walking the dog in my kilt, that’s what you’ll get. If you want photographic evidence of what I’m wearing under the kilt, it kind of looks like I’ve pretty well promised that as well. Pretty much anything in between goes as well. And, the pics don’t necessarily have to be kilt related at all. Now that I’ve made these arrangements, I probably ought to check and make sure that this is all legal. Especially since I’ve been announcing it on the interwebtron. On a website that’s linked to me personally… Yeah, I’ve got some homework to do.

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