Kilted to Kick Cancer Update – The Custom Pic Issue

It is wonderful that so many people have gotten involved in this thing!  When AD first announced his idea, I thought it was neat and wanted to see it go far.  But, the progress has been unprecedented.  You may recall from my original kilt post published September 13, and I quote:

Drop a generous enough donation and custom pics can be arranged. Heck, depending on the generosity, it might not even have to be a G-rated picture! *blush*

And then, I read on Jay G’s blog published six days later on September 19:

Lastly, let me just say for the right donation I will be happy to provide custom pictures upon request – here’s your chance to see just where my comfort zone truly lies!

What?!?! Oh, no you di-in’t! The gauntlet has come off, sir. Nobody horns in on my whoring out! I’m pretty sure that both of my readers also read your blog and will recognize you as the charlatan that you are.* That is if they remember reading my blog at all. So with them as my witnesses, it is now time to up the ante. I currently have messages sent out to photographers requesting a professional photo session with the possibility of it going a risque direction. I will be sending custom photos for the right donations. If you want to see me gardening, I’ll be happy to oblige. If you want to see skin, we’ll go there. I’m told that my body is not bad to look at.

I’ve got to set up some guidelines if I’m going to really commit to this. Let’s say that the bidding starts at $100.00. A Franklin won’t necessarily get you non-G-rated pictures, but if you make a $100.00 donation and want a picture of me doing something really silly, I will gladly oblige. For lesser donations, if you want a pic of me doing something simple like oh, say… collating papers, I will gladly oblige. Over that $100.00 ceiling, I’ll give the top donator very customized pics. You want a picture of me covered in dead fish? Obee kaybee. Pretty much anything that is legal and ethical is on the table for custom pics at this point.

So again, go to THIS LINK and chip in because now it’s personal. (More pics to follow.)

*I actually called Jay and razzed him about this over the phone. The only reason I went ahead and published this is because he knows that it’s all in good fun.

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5 thoughts on “Kilted to Kick Cancer Update – The Custom Pic Issue

  1. North – I never said that I wanted to see pics of myself, only that I am whoring myself out for the cause. 😛

    Old NFO – I hope I DO get some takers!

    Falnfenix – It’s a rough time of year for all of us. Please don’t feel bad about it.

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