Anime Casting Call

So, Stephen Spielberg is slated to direct the live action movie of Ghost in the Shell. From the hints at the players that are working on this film, I’m pretty well convinced that they are going to completely screw the story and alienate fans of the manga and anime. Oh well. It happens. I didn’t see the latest version of The Day the Earth Stood Still as I heard from nearly all sources that it was a hot, steaming pile. As preachy as the original was, I understand that the remake is exponentially more so. But, I digress. I’m a fan of GITS. I’ve got a copy on laserdisk, DVD, and Blu Ray. Like I said, I’m a fan.

However, speaking of remakes starring Ted Logan Tom Anderson Neo Eddie Kasalivich Keanu Reeves, apparently he’s been cast as Spike Spiegel in the upcoming live action film Cowboy Bebop. Although he does have the look for the role, it will certainly stretch his *ahem* skills as an actor. There have been quite a few suggestions on how to fill out the rest of the cast. They’ve been fascinating to say the least:

Christina Ricci as Faye was a stroke of genius. I’m looking forward to that one, but I kind of expect them to screw it up as well. And, on to my point…

What I’d really like to see is a live action adaptation of Eureka Seven. In reading The Reluctant Paladin‘s Girl Friday entries, I ran across the perfect actress to play Eureka‘s psychotic nemesis Anemone. And that would be Natalie Dormer.  For that matter, she could probably play Eureka just as well.  Admittedly, she’s a little old for the parts, but her face is nearly a perfect match to the two girls. I don’t think that they are supposed to be identical, but their likeness to each other in the artwork is certainly no mistake. What do you think?


She does look more like Anemone but I think she could probably play either one. It might be interesting if she played both roles though. It would emphasize the duality that is a theme throughout the story.  Besides that, she would look totally hot with pink or green hair. 😀

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One thought on “Anime Casting Call

  1. Dang. Bollockswood is going to screw up anime now, by trying to convert to live-action? Unless they get the director of “Game of Thrones” (HBO series, very closely based on a series of books by George R. R. Martin…of which every red-blooded American should read!), its gonna suck. I’ve been thinking for the last couple of years (yeah, I know….I started late!) that Hollywood has run out of ideas, thus all the remakes of old movies, tv series, comic books, books, etc. Nobody over there has any new ideas, they’re just recycling the good stuff that men/women with imagination came up with decades ago.

    BTW….laserdisk? Really? LOL Sorry, just had to laugh (says the guy with a working Commodore Amiga 1000 pc at home, next to the original NES….original Sega system is still in a box at my Mom’s house somewhere).

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