Kilted to Kick Cancer

Alright, people. It’s been entirely too long since the last time I posted an entry. Sorry. I don’t know how I can have a consistent three to five entries per week for a while and then all of a sudden have nothing for weeks. It’s weird.

Send me some love - you know you want to!

But anyway, I’ve decided to throw my pants in the ring on Ambulance Driver’s Kilted to Kick Cancer project. Frankly, I don’t think the money is stacking up fast enough and I want to make sure we get some money in the project to make it worth my while to put the free stuff into the prize pot that I have contributed. I mean, I’ve got hundreds of dollars of my own work wrapped up in this thing already! And if I wind up with my own custom belt and holster, then there is that.

Concealing my M&P45c and two extra mags no less!

I have been wearing my kilt and telling people what I’m doing it for. Now I’ll be telling those people to come here and drop a few bucks. My kilt is wool, so I haven’t been wearing it every day. I can’t wash it and I want it to air out a little between wearings. Nobody wants me in a stanky kilt!

Ah, that was a good vintage!

One day I did wear a kilt-ish skirt because I wanted the wool to air out. I don’t think I want to do that again. That being said, I do have a cargo kilt on the way to fill in the gaps. I don’t mind saying that I look damn fine in my kilt too.

Ooo baby! Rock that skirt!

So, what are you still doing here? Go to THIS LINK and throw some money down! It can be five bucks, fifty bucks, a grand, or $2.15. Just whatever you feel like you can contribute at this time. If you give at least $40, you can even get a free Kilted to Kick Cancer t-shirt! Tell your friends. Tell your friends to tell their friends. This is a great cause and you should get involved. I’m committed now, the least you can do is get involved! 😛

Shopping for anime, of course!

I’ve been in the choir loft on Sunday morning in my kilt, shopped in my kilt, and even went to a local networking event kilted.

I was by far the manliest one there.

Do you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see me doing in my kilt? Something stupid like installing shelves?

Kilted for constuction?

How about shopping the local garage sales?

I wonder what he would take for that Scorpions record...

Drop a generous enough donation and custom pics can be arranged. Heck, depending on the generosity, it might not even have to be a G-rated picture! *blush* Anyhow, please do contribute to the cause. Thanks in advance!

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8 thoughts on “Kilted to Kick Cancer

  1. Mike,

    Good on ya for being out in public!

    Once my wife sets up a sewing machine for me, I’m going to sew me a kilt (not enough in the cookie jar to buy one right now), hopefully by next Monday.

  2. @-North – Well, it would have to be one heck of a donation. I’m not making any promises, I’m just saying that I’m committed enough that there’s quite a bit on the table.

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