My Son’s Problem

This evening, my son revealed to my wife and I that he does not have very many friends at school, and that this bothers him. We reassured him that there is nothing wrong with him, but third grade is just kind of rough. Also, he’s a gifted kid, and that doesn’t help matters any. During the discussion, he popped out with this gem in his anguish:
“I know that God has a purpose for me,” he said in a quivering, grief-stricken voice, “but I don’t know what that purpose is, and I wish I did.”
That was a couple of hours ago, but my eyes are still wet from it. I could not be more proud. That is a good, eight-year-old kid that I’ve got, and he’s quickly turning into a good man. That’s all I have to say about that.

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One thought on “My Son’s Problem

  1. Mike, this is pattie from Daily kitten. Tell your son that his purpose in life is to inspire others and be a role model for others with his good behaviour, and he should never change only get better and better and stand out from the crowd…he should also work to guide others do good and be smart. :)

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