Me and My Big Mouth…


Both of you ought to know that today, I either made a grave mistake, or I paved the way into some level of fame.  I was trolling the forums of the local gun range (which happens to be the best gun range on the planet), and I happened upon a thread where there was an ongoing discussion between a brand new gunnie, asking about recommendations for a slighter-built person carrying concealed, a woman talking about CCW, and a woman who works at said range, saying that she was about to conduct a class on women carrying concealed.

What I got out of the conversation was that one would have to adjust one’s wardrobe to carry, would have to carry a small gun, and it might not be terribly comfortable.  I disagree.  Yes, one must be mindful of one’s dress when one carries a firearm, fully concealed.  But, it should not be uncomfortable, and it doesn’t have to be a small gun, as long as you pick the right holster…

Granted, I think that Oklahoma Shooter knows what she’s talking about.  But, she got me to thinking about my life, and my wife, and the holsters that I have made, and the fact that I might be up for a new challenge.  I took her words as a challenge.  I’ve been able to hide some large guns under some fitted clothing on some small forms before.  Perhaps her call was a challenge to the ultimate in this game.  Yeah.  I’m in.

Exhibit A – Jenni’s pleasure shooter, “Envy”, Smith & Wesson 627, 5-inch barreled, N-Frame, 8-Shot, .357 Magnum, Big-Boy Revolver:


There was a point in time that I saw this gorgeous, red, woman’s suit on the internet. I couldn’t afford it at the time that I first saw it. It was a Gianni Versace. Shortly after the fact, I was able to pick up the same suit on ebay for Jenni. I won’t tell you what I paid, as I don’t want Gianni rolling over in his grave.

Exhibit B – Jenni’s gorgeous, sexy, red, Versace suit, that leaves little to the imagination:




My proposal, that I hastily posted in the H&H forum today is,

My lovely wife is all of 5’4″, and she currently floats between a size 2 and 4. I think she needs a holster for her 5″ N-frame. I believe that I can hide that 44-oz beast under sexy Versace, and still have it wear comfortably, and remain accessible to draw quickly.

Which means nothing less than this visual:


As I said to OKShooter, wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.

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4 thoughts on “Me and My Big Mouth…

  1. Weeeeellllll…

    With what I’ve drawn up so far, it looks like it might actually work. I’ll keep you posted, of course!


  2. Okay – how funny is this…

    I was on high-speed-scroll lookin’ fer pretty pictures, came to the first one and instantly thought:

    “Oh, Hey! That’s Jennifer’s gun!”

    …which I’ve only seen when it (briefly) the header for her blog.

    The Random-Access-Memory strikes again.

    – MD

  3. MD – Quite funny! I wouldn’t mind having a gun just like it for myself one day, because it’s a really sweet one! It’s big though. It’s going to take a lot of work to build this thing. Wish me luck…


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