Baby Girl III

So a couple of weeks ago, we had Wee Bot, Baby Girl, and Little D (collectively known as Chaos) at my parents’ place for our family Sunday lunch. I might pause here to mention how far in life my parents have come. A decade ago, and this Chaos would have made my Dad’s head explode. The shockwave would have been enough to level the house. Indeed, the last ten years have been good for that man’s patience, and my mom has longed for a little girl in the family. The children, Chaos, have been going through at least one large package of popsicles each weekend.

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Mom’s been really excited about the girls. Baby Girl has let us know that she’s looking forward to learning more about guns but hadn’t really shown much interest beyond that until that Sunday. While I was sitting on the couch with her watching Sponge Bob, I felt her little hand tug at the back of my holstered pistol. I grabbed her hand and told her to never touch someone’s gun without permission.

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“Well,” she asked, “can I see it?” I told her that she absolutely could see it. I unholstered my pistol, explaining how I was keeping it pointed in a safe direction and keeping my finger off the trigger as I performed these actions. I dropped the magazine and locked the slide back, and placed the ejected round on the coffee table next to the mag.

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I showed her that the mag well was empty as was the chamber. As she handled my M&P, I physically kept the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and noted that she needed to be careful about that. I also physically moved her finger out of the trigger guard and placed it on the side of the frame. It didn’t take but a couple of these gentle corrections before she was doing it on her own.

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She wanted to know how it worked, so I showed her how to rack the slide. She dry fired it a few times, and easily racked the slide on the M&P45c in between. I have known adults that had a hard time racking a pistol slide when they are new to them, but it wasn’t giving Baby Girl any trouble at all. She was asking more questions about the mechanics of the pistol, so I flipped the takedown lever and popped the slide off. This produced a giggle from her.

2011-06-26 15.17.13

Within a few minutes, she was field stripping and reassembling my pistol, keeping her finger off the trigger and keeping it pointed in a safe direction. She asked if she could put the magazine in. I told her that she could, but not right now. That would have to wait for another day, when we could be at the range. At this point I was pretty excited, with her showing a new eagerness to actually shoot. Knowing Baby Girl like I do, I fully expected her to shoot my polymer .45, reload and do it again once we could get to the range. Needless to say, I was excited to help her get there!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Girl III

  1. Dang, dude…that’s frikkin AWESOME!!! Our 2.5 yr old knows the word “guns”, knows where my rifles are kept, and knows she likes to hold the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 more than any of them. She knows she doesn’t get to touch it until Daddy opens the bolt and she’s able to stick her finger inside….probably doesn’t know why, yet, but she’s getting in the habit. I have an empty casing that I kept (first round I fired out of it), I actually snuk it in there once and let her stick her finger in…she looked puzzled when she discovered something in the chamber, and looked at me to see what to do! Gotta love kids….you guys are gonna have a blast (pun intended) at the range, and I am sooooo looking forward to my spawn getting to the age where we can take her to the range, too.

  2. Teach em early, teach em often! Good on ya for doing ALL the bits and pieces for her. And she’s pretty strong to be able to rack the pistol with no problem!

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