Baby Girl 2.5

One weekend, our extra came with an extra. Jennifer and I lovingly refer to her as Little Destruction. She’s a sweet girl, but she’s decidedly a mess. She has a bit of a coordination problem that I’m going to chock up to age and say that she’ll grow out of it and learn grace. God love her, but let’s put it this way – if it’s fragile, don’t let her touch it. She showed up in dirty clothes with no change of clothes and ate everything in sight. I mean, that girl can put away some food! She’s no taller than Baby Girl, and really no bigger around, but she’s got to weigh at least ten pounds more! By her third visit, she started to realize that the next meal was indeed coming, and she didn’t have to empty our pantry to get fed. We explained to her that she could eat as much as she wanted when it was time to eat, but then she’d need to wait for the next meal.

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She takes to strangers just a little too quickly. When BIL, Fiance, and Baby Girl introduced her to us, we were greeted with big hugs and Little D immediately started calling us “Aunt” and “Uncle”. When we took her to my parents’ place for Sunday lunch, she called them “Papa” and “Meema”. That name annoyed the crud out of my mom, which tickled the snot out of me. As sweet as the instant affection was, it worried me a little. What did that say about this child’s home life? Did she get lost in the mix and not get the attention that she needed? She didn’t show any symptoms of malnourishment, but her actions suggested that she lacked confidence in her food sources.

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On a hot Sunday afternoon, we took Wee Bot and the girls (collectively known as Chaos) to the music minister’s house to take over their pool which was graciously offered with an open invitation. When it’s been consistently over 100-degrees for this long, you’ve got to do something to escape once in a while. We played and swam, dived and splashed. We said we went for the kids, but I think Jennifer and I needed the pickling time even more than they did! Little D simply couldn’t believe that the pool was owned by a single family. She asked where all the other people in the neighborhood swim. You should have seen her when we explained that they all have their own pools. She very simply couldn’t believe that such wealth existed in the world.

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For a couple of months, Little D spent most of her time with BIL, Fiance, and Baby Girl when she and Baby Girl were not here. Somehow, something odd happened there, as an adult beverage turned up in the bedroom that they shared. It was one of the grown-up cool-aids that has a splash of alcohol in it so slight that it can be sold in Oklahoma grocery stores. There was very little missing from the bottle. BIL confronted Fiance about it and Fiance confronted Baby Girl. We don’t know if they got curious, or perhaps they got confused and didn’t realize that it was not a pop. Those things can look pretty innocent, afterall. Fiance dumped the rest of the mostly full bottle and called Little D’s mother. She wasn’t trying to get anyone in trouble so much as keeping her in the loop. Not a big deal, but mom probably ought to know what was going on just in case it got mentioned. Well, Mama Destruction no longer answers Fiance’s calls. I don’t know if it is because of the wine cooler incident, but it happened right afterwards. I don’t think we’re going to see Little D again. We don’t even know her last name. I hope things work out for her and I hope that she learned something from us that will help her in life. As my mom reminded me, you can’t save all the starfish. I promise to have something happier posted on Monday. Have a good weekend!

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  1. Sounds like she isn’t coming from a very good home life either. I hope God will bring her back around to you guys because I can’t think of better people to be a positive influence on her life.

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