A Couple of Good Covers

Since I am now working from home, by myself, all alone… And, being the hyper social person that I am, it gets a little quiet for my taste from time to time. As such, I’ve set myself up with a decent little stereo in my studio (which I will have to dedicate another blog entry to), and I plug the sound from my laptop into my stereo receiver. With this setup, I can listen to the radio, listen to CDs, have listen to gun blogs and forums via text-to-speech, and even pipe in some music from YouTube or Pandora. It keeps me pretty well contented while I work.

Without digging it up in my archives, I’m pretty certain that I’ve posted some covers done by Scala and Kolacny Brothers before. Anyway, in my YouTube wandering today, seeking out lovely background noise to my working, I ran across a couple of good covers from them. I’ve been really impressed with their ‘covers’ which are less cover and more remake. They have a great knack of performing a pop culture hit in a way that is both highly respectful of the original and a unique, original, and artistic reinterpretation. Frankly, I’m surprised that there are so few choirs that do this sort of work. Perhaps it’s the very fact that they do such a fantastic job of it, more to the point.

Here’s a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Nirvana’s “Lithium” that I had to tweet this morning:

Here’s their version of “Beautiful People.” Please keep in mind that they’ve followed Marilyn Manson’s lyrics which aren’t usually safe for work.


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