Defense Mentality

All over the internet, you will find a commentary piece written by the absolutely adorable conservative author, Michelle Malkin concerning what happened aboard AA Flight 1561 last weekend. I say ‘absolutely adorable’, but it’s really no secret that I have a thing for Filipina girls. But, I digress… Mrs. Malkin describes Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Murisi’s attempt to hijack the airplane in a terrorist attack which was thwarted by fellow passengers. He tried to rush the cockpit twice, screaming “Allahu akbar!” repeatedly. Apparently the liberal media has tried to say that he was confused and looking for the bathroom. Although I have needed to go badly enough to incite the Lord’s name, I don’t typically think “God is good” until after I finish my business. Indeed, this was another terrorist attack by another Muslim extremist. But, that’s not really what I’m writing about. No, I’m here about the money quote of Mrs. Malkin’s piece. Larry Wright, one of the men who attacked and took down al-Murisi stated:

I swore to myself that I would never be a victim

Good on you, Larry! If you are ever in the Central Oklahoma area, look me up. I’d like to buy your a beer. In fact, I’ve sworn the same oath. So has my wife, as she hinted at in a recent blog entry. There is a mentality growing in this nation. For too long, we’ve been soft and complacent, expecting every day to be as secure and predictable as the last, and that others will take care of us if there are any unexpected curves. But, more and more people are waking up to the fact that this is a dangerous world and we can’t assume safety. In the end, you are your last defense. No one is going to protect you more than you will. This concept makes sense to Larry Wright, who rather than sitting in his seat and waiting for someone else to stop the terrorist, took his destiny into his own hands and did what he had to do to assure that he and his fellow passengers, as well as the crew of the plane were able to keep on living. The TSA’s illegal security theater with their X-rated scans and child molesting ways are not going to make our skies any safer. This spreading mentality of personal responsibility to fight evil is going to make the skies safe. And, it will make our streets safe too. It sucks that we have to live in fear in order to get there, but how exciting that people are finally waking up and acting like Americans should!

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2 thoughts on “Defense Mentality

  1. If TSA really wanted flying to be safer they would allow all CCP holders to carry their guns with them on the flight. But, since it is more about control than anything else.. fat chance of that ever happening.

    So, when we decide to go back to Ohio for a visit we will be driving because I really don’t want Matthew or Jamie to be manhandled or molested by those jackasses since it would land me in jail with an assault charge with an add on of “grievous bodily injury” to boot.

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