Defense Stick

This morning, I saw an older gentleman walking down my neighborhood street, using a golf club as a walking cane. The guy was probably late fifties to early sixties, so not all that old, and he looked healthy. Not at all overweight, he was built solidly and carried himself well. I had not seen him around the neighborhood before. As he walked past and continued down the street, I don’t think he noticed me, although he did keep his head up, on a swivel, continually aware of his surroundings. And the golf club. Tap, tap, tap. He walked it along in the cadence of his step, but applied no weight to it. It looked like a driver of some kind, although I’m not familiar enough with golf clubs to tell for sure. He grasped the head in his hand and the grip stepped along the ground by his foot. Why is this noteworthy? Because it happened in MY neighborhood.

Where Jennifer works is a rough part of town. It seems that her office is a bit of an oasis in the violent native surroundings because some of the local, more organized criminals have ‘claimed’ the property and won’t abide small-time thugs violating that territory. When I drive through that part of town, I often see people walking down the side of the street. It makes sense. It’s a low income area, and not everyone can afford a car. Among these pedestrians, it is all too common to see them carrying a baseball bat, sawed-off fence post, or a board with a nail in it. The purpose is clear.

This is the non-gun version of Open Carry, I suppose. It gives the message that they are not going down without a fight. Pick another victim. Frankly, if I found myself in their lifestyle, I’d do the same thing. I haven’t noticed that most thugs have much use in trying to push me anyway – must be something in the air I exude that makes them wonder if I know secrets that they do not. But, it is not beneath me to carry a big stick. That’s exactly what was so very odd about the gentleman on my street this morning. This is a very safe part of town. Most people on the street keep their cars and houses unlocked. Granted I don’t, but many do. I have not heard any reports of violence in our area except for the few and far between domestic situations that only involve rental couples that never stay for very long anyway.

That’s really what I like about concealed carry. You don’t have to make a fuss about the fact that you are deadly. To me, carrying the big stick is for situations where you want people to know for whatever reason. Part of me wanted to approach the man and ask him what he was expecting that he felt that he needed to carry a golf club to dissuade violence in this neighborhood. Ultimately, I decided against it. If his explanation is paranoia, he might perceive my approach as a threat.

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4 thoughts on “Defense Stick

  1. you know, my dad used to jog with a large stick in hand. i grew up in an incredibly safe neighborhood, too, but you just never know. criminals can hit anywhere.

  2. A stick can be used for more than a weapon – if you find a promising dumpster, you can poke, prod, lift, and examine beneath debris for that discarded treasure that you need to fill that empty spot in the garage.

    I have scavenged scrap wood, hinges, clamps, etc. just around the neighborhood.

  3. We’re in a safe subdivision out in the sticks west of San Antonio. When we have people walking their dogs, they usually carry something, not so much for criminals as to ward off possible critters.

  4. First weapon I was ever taught to use was a stick because you can grab one from almost anywhere and in the shape of a cane, most people won’t even look twice.

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