I Soaked My Finger In Cider.

No. Really. Last week, Thursday and Friday specifically, I shifted into overdrive to really crank out some holsters and get this stuff rolling better. There are several rigs that I’d really like to have ready to hand deliver at the Lucky Gunner shoot at the end of the month. I’ve really only got a couple weeks to make that happen. So, I was cranking away hard at my big industrial shears through heavy leather, and I injured something. On Friday afternoon, it hurt to bend my index finger on my right hand. Oh no! Not my trigger finger!

That evening we went to our community First Friday Wine Share. This is an excuse to mingle and pass out business cards while drinking wine. Another of the regulars there is a doctor who is some sort of joint guru. Jennifer caught him and told him about my problem, so he came to investigate. He grasped my hand and told me to bend my finger in various positions. “Does it hurt? How about now? Does this hurt?” This may be why I don’t like doctors, now that I think about it.

He explained to me that there seemed to be some kind of tendon problem in that finger. He said that I should pick up some apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts. He instructed me to heat the vinegar as hot as I could stand it and dissolve the Epsom salts into it to the point of saturation. He said that I should soak my hand in this solution for half an hour or so and that would likely fix the problem. He said that if it did not, I should come in for an appointment. This is the kind of doctor that I like, incidentally.

So, I microwaved a large ceramic bowl with half a gallon of apple cider vinegar and two pounds of Epsom salts, and soaked my hand in the eye-watering solution. I’m happy to report that my hand is tingly, and the pressure seems to have been relieved on my finger. It is still a little uncomfortable, but it is a night and day difference from the way it felt even this morning. I believe I’m going to take some ibuprofen, take it easy on that hand for a while and call it good for now.

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3 thoughts on “I Soaked My Finger In Cider.

  1. wait, there are doctors who actually consider holistic/non-drug solutions for things?

    i thought those didn’t exist. i’m shocked.

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