BAG Day Completion

Now, you are saying, “Alright, Evyl. Skip the labor pains and show me the baby already!” So, here she is:



There’s just a touch of honest wear on the original wood…




It is really an immaculate gun. With what I got for the money I paid, I would recommend Mustang Pawn and Gun to anybody who could legally buy here. I really love looking at the machining on these old guns. Check out the ejection port:


And here she is taken down:


Now, you say, “So, how’s she shoot, Evyl?” Oh reader… She shoots like a dream. Jennifer caught a magical photographic shot, between my first two shells put through the gun.


You can actually see the first round hanging on the extractor claw, perpendicular to the gun, and the second shell in the tumbler about to chamber. I laid out two clays on the ground, and loaded the two shells in the magazine to shoot them. I didn’t think I’d hit both clays, but thought that I’d have to get used to the sight system. I was wrong. I rapid fired a string of ten shells into a stationary target. After that, I was cracking flying clays all afternoon with the old 1912. I. Love. This. Gun.

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