Soup Can Safety

I’m sure both of my readers have read about Jennifer slicing her finger on a soup can as she helped me prepare dinner one evening. This was an easily preventable accident, and I’m just glad that nobody was injured any worse than the little cut on her finger. I wanted to take a moment to expound on this and to encourage safe can handling.

1 – Always treat all cans as if they are always full.

2 – Always keep your can pointed in a safe direction.

3 – Keep your fingers off the can opener until you are ready to open the can.

4 – Know your label and what is within it.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “Soup Can Safety

  1. Can lids and P-38s should be outlawed. But, then again, only outlaws would be able to eat canned goods opened in a manly fashion. Nevermind… I stopped carrying my John Wayne on my keyring immediately after I stopped bleeding on my uniform…

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