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It looks like the wife and I are about to pick up our second Evyl Black Ryfle. H&H Gun Range hosts an annual gun expo, in which one could buy tickets to test drive a multitude of guns from over a dozen manufacturers. We attended the last one, and had great fun. We set a budget and bought a pre-determined amount of tickets. We split the tickets down the middle and acted like a couple of kids at the fair. Well, in all fairness, I acted like a kid at the fair. My darling wife acted like a man shopping for a car.

Where I ran around looking for the next amazing firearm to try out, my wife was objectively comparing variations of 1911s. When I was down to about three tickets, the S&W M&P15 caught my eye. It was so completely unlike anything I had ever considered shooting before. It was black, had a lot of plastic on it, and was supported by every mall-ninja I’d come across so far. A ticket was not much money, so I decided to give her a whirl. I. Loved. That. Gun. I produced a very tight group with the five shots that I was allowed, the action was smooth and lightning-fast, the trigger was the perfect balance between light and tight, and the user interface of the weapon was intuitive. I had to have one.

After the expo, I told Jen that I wanted one of these new-fangled ‘assault weapons’ that congress was trying to re-ban for no apparent reason except for appearance. I knew for a fact that she would also appreciate this gun, so I threw in as a boon and a bonus to my sales pitch that she would love it as well. So, several weeks later at the local military surplus, we stretched the family budget to purchase a brand-new Doublestar M4 carbine. This sucker is slicker than the S&W, and we were both in love. It completely clashed with our collection composed of double action revolvers, but that didn’t matter. All of our family members were shocked that we would even want such an animal – until they shot it.

Fast forward five months. We have accumulated six Magpul PMags for it, many hundred rounds of ammunition, and I have fashioned a lizard-skin sling for it. No, we haven’t done many upgrades to it, but I feel about upgrades to an EBR like I do about tuning jobs for a handgun – they are great, but put it off if there is a threat to further purchases in the balance. At this point, Jenni wants one of her own. She has kicked in the idea of taking the Doublestar as her own, and letting me buy my own replacement for it. I’m not sure what to think about that idea.

On the one hand, I would really really like a .357 Magnum lever-action. On that same hand, I would probably enjoy the lever more and get more use out of than the AR-15. On the other hand, I really love the AR-15, and I could get the lever later. There are a jillion of them out there, and they aren’t specifically named in the new AWB. Granted, they do hold more than ten in the mag, but I still think they would be easier to get post-ban than an EBR – worst case scenario.

Anyhoo, our favorite firearm dealer just got a pallet of S&W’s in. These are a combo of ‘optics ready’ flat-tops with no sights, or flat-tops with an a-frame front and a flip-down rear. We would naturally lean toward the sightless model to add our own sights after purchase. This gun is under the $1,100-mark. Half a year ago, I would have balked at such a price. At this point in time, it sounds like a bargain! Honestly, I don’t see us not doing this. Much like my shotgun post, you can expect an EBR post that will feature both Evyl Black Ryfles after we make our purchase.

This will have to wait until I’m cleared from jury duty. I have to show up tomorrow morning for screening, or interviewing, or whatever the F they call it. I hope that it doesn’t take any more than the week, and I hope that my wonderful, dear employer chooses to pay me in the interim. I don’t believe that they are required to do so, and they haven’t said whether or not they will. We shall see. That will determine the time frame on the purchase. If it were not for the impending jury duty, we would have bought the new rifle on Friday. As it is, we will have to see what happens before we make a move.

I still want a .357 lever-action carbine, but it will have to wait for just a little while longer. What does it say about me, anyhow, that I would rather have at my personal disposal wood-gripped double-action revolvers, a pump-action shotgun, and a lever-action carbine than a semi-automatic pistol, a semi-automatic tactical shotgun, and a black rifle? Heck, I’m getting to the point that I’d rather have a proven, 12-gauge pump and plenty of buckshot over a submachine gun, even if it weren’t near impossible to get such an animal! Frankly, I can put more lead on target with my 12 than the average bear can with the sub in a given amount of time!

On that note, I will wrap it up. It’s about time for me to turn off Pandora, finish my whiskey, blow kisses to both of you, and head to bed. I’ve got to fulfill my civil duty to Oklahoma County in the morning (wish me luck in all ways) and it’s not getting any earlier.


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2 thoughts on “EBR 2.0

  1. I’m happy for you on the new addition. All we are able to do right now was the shotgun and now we will stretch it until next semester and new student loans.

  2. I’m glad you got the shotty! As I’ve said before, one day you’ll look around you and wonder where the hell all those guns came from! And there will be much rejoicing!

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