A Month?!?!?

Seriously? I haven’t posted anything in a month? I’d post something today, but I find that I’m completely worthless on the first Monday after the time change. When the kiddo is no longer in school, and Jen and I are running the business together, I don’t think we’ll observe daylight rearrangement time. We’ll post all hours in GMT. That will be our legacy. Better yet, we’ll move to Mars where a day lasts 24 hours, 37 minutes. I could use that extra 37 minutes. In case I haven’t been clear enough, I absolutely loathe the time change. Now that I’ve gone all random tirade, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled interwebtron lurking.

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6 thoughts on “A Month?!?!?

  1. i wish we’d stay on this schedule year round. the winter schedule is what messes me up.

    yesterday my inner clock was so screwed up i woke up at 4 and was READYTOGO. kept goingandgoingandgoing until about 10, when my body said OH HAYLLLL NO. then the giggle fits set in, and i went to bed. couldn’t get up today. grumble.

  2. A far simpler solution to the Daylight Losing Time is available:

    Move to Arizona

    More than you wanted to know about AZ & DST is at this link:

    Basically except for the Dine (Navaho) Reservation in the NE corner of the state, Arizona ignores (as much as possible) DST.

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