Work IV

When I was let go from my job, I made the comment that the owner had fired the wrong people. I still believe that to this day. It is as if he retains employees based on his own sentiment and how badly that individual needs a job, and not by merit of the worker. Frankly, the aforementioned production manager is only one of the employees there that could never find another job that is nearly so good as what he has got. I don’t think the owner is running a business so much as a missionary. No wonder he was hurting so badly when hit by the recession. What the hell kind of business owner fires someone like me and hands those responsibilities to someone like that production manager? This is why the bubble has burst for me and I could likely never return to work there. How in the world could I ever work for someone that I knew made such irresponsible business decisions? And yet, it is also encouraging.

If he can make decisions like that and still say in business, then certainly I can be successful in business. I was not paid poorly, but I felt like I was worth so much more than I was being paid. I wasn’t bitter about that, it was something that I felt I needed to work into. Obviously, the business owner needs to make money from his employee’s labor. He had no clue how much money I was making for him, or how much he’s still making because of my efforts from over a year ago. Even if he ever realized it, he would never admit it because of his pride. Why would I ever want to work for someone like that?

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  1. Old NFO, thanks for your words of encouragement. My family and I really enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you. I know your schedule stays pretty hairy, but I’m hoping we can get together again sometime.

    Really, I’m relieved to be out. I kind of always knew that I wouldn’t work there forever, but it was a journey that was going to end with me starting off on my own. I think the part that was so shocking was the fact that it was sudden and abrupt. I felt like I had no time to plan ahead. I’d had open and frank discussions with the owners about my plans. They knew where I was coming from and where I was going to – that I was in no hurry to leave but that I wouldn’t be working for them indefinitely. Who knows? Maybe that’s exactly why I was selected.

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