Judgement: Zombie’s Bane – Update

I don’t know whether you read my original post about my 12-gauge. It has now been well over a month since I ordered the mag extensions from Impact Guns. These people have promised me time and time again that the parts should arrive any day now. These people will get no more of my business. Subsequent research tells me that I don’t really want the plastic ATI’s anyway. I ordered a blue steel StarTac 7-Shot extension from Morning Bite. There was a problem with this order as well, but the owner called me and informed me of what the problem was, and how they plan to resolve it. I’m not happy about the delay, but I’m very impressed with the subsequent customer service. It appears that I purchased the last of this item that they are likely to ever have, and they shipped it to the wrong address. He assured me that they would get it back and resend it to the correct address. When I locate and purchase a second one of these, I’ll cancel the order with Impact altogether and never look back. So, long story short – I’m still waiting on my mag extensions.

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