For a blog that purports to be a gun blog, there surely hasn’t been a whole lot of gun content here in a while. What are other things that we gun types are interested in?

No, I’m not talking about knives.

No, not flashlights either.

Not tactical pants.

Cleaning supplies! Because a clean gun is a happy gun. Right?

While Jennifer and I were at the NRA thing in Houston, we stopped by to say “hi” to the good people at Otis Technology. We left them with our contact info and let them know that we are both bloggers. When we returned home, I began to email back and forth with Heather at Otis, who was kind enough to provide some samples for review.

Case top

Thursday, FedUp dropped a box on my porch which contained Otis’ .22-.45 Pistol Cleaning System, their Optics Cleaning System, and their MSR/AR System. By a complicated turn of events, I wound up with a U.S.G.I. M-16 cleaning system some time back. Upon recent inspection, it is actually an Otis-branded system, although the contents of the kit are quite a bit different than the consumer system that came yesterday. I hope you’re as fascinated as I am when we talk about the details a little later.

Cases four

Each of these cases is about the size and shape of a hamburger. Jennifer tells me that they look like a travel make-up kit. These should throw into a range bag nicely and sit in a bottom corner of a pocket until you inevitably have a gun at the range that refuses to play nicely. Jennifer and I do have some dirty guns around here, so we should be able to give these things a bit of a workout. Additionally, my brother, Microcosm Overloard has a couple different Otis kits that we should be able to discuss here as well. I fully expect Jennifer to throw in her $.02 too. To start with, let’s take a quick peek at each of the four systems.

Handgun contents

The .22-.45 Pistol Cleaning System (part number FG-610 BX), contents pictured above, includes a .5-oz tube of cleaner/lube, a .38-cal and a .45-cal copper bore brush, a bore reflector/flag safety, cleaning patches, large and small slotted tips, bore obstruction tips, a T-handle bar, three bore cables in various sizes, and the instruction manual. Since the centerfire handguns that we shoot are in .38/.357, 9mm, .44 Magnum and .45 ACP, I expect that we’ll make full use of all the components in this kit.

Optics contents

The Optics System (part number FG-240 BX) contains a lens cloth, a book of lens tissues, a lens brush, anti-fog lens cleaning solution, cotton swabs, and instructions. We don’t do much in the way of gun optics in our household, but we are avid photographers. I do know of a few scopes that we can probably try these out on. What works to clean gun optics should do well for our camera lenses as well.

M16 07

The U.S.G.I. M16 cleaning kit comes with bore cables, a bore illuminator, patches, brushes (although not a proper AR15 chamber brush), various tools, solvent for both gun cleaning and optics, optics tissues, a lens brush, and an instructional CD rom. That is a three-inch CD, for perspective. I won’t make the claim that this kit is absolutely complete since I received it second hand. But, the original owner only used it a couple of times, so I assume he didn’t lose any components or add any extras. I didn’t realize that they issued optics on M16s, but this cleaning kit seems to suggest that they do.

AR15 08

The consumer MSR/AR cleaning system (part number FG-556-MSR BX) is a rather impressive kit including two bore cables, a pack of bore patches, two copper bore brushes and two combination bore brush swabs, bore illuminator/safety flag, CLP, a proper 5.56/.223 chamber brush, a rifle cleaning cloth, cleaning instructions, breakdown variations of all the standard brushes and pics, and the new for 2013 B.O.N.E. (Bolt Operational Necessary Equipment) tool. If this last tool scrapes carbon as effectively as they claim, I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends! I believe quite a few of these pieces should work well in our .22 rifles and pistols.

I will be the first to admit that many of our guns don’t get cleaned like they probably should. My rifle has junk in it that needs to be scraped out, and I’m unbelievably excited by that! I once ran my M&P45c without cleaning it to see how long it would take to stop functioning properly, and it eventually surprised me during pistol class by no longer locking back on an empty magazine. The round count was somewhere over 1,000. So yeah, we have some dirty guns to try this stuff out on. And, the MSR/AR kit and the pistol kit should clean everything we have in the house, up to our shotguns. In subsequent entries on these supplies, we’ll take a more in-depth look at each kit and clean some guns.

KTKC 2013, Day 3

Please go here and donate to the cause. You probably all know that this month I will be wearing a kilt to help raise funding and awareness for male-specific cancers. In 2011, the first year for KTKC, my efforts raised $60 toward the cause. Last year, my total came in at $2,263. That is nearly thirty-eight times the previous year’s performance! If we could realize another gain proportional to that, it would put the donations at $85,352.82 this year. Even as awesome as you people are, I’m just not holding my breath on that.


Honestly, if we can expect anything remotely resembling the same increase from last year to this year, there’s no reason that we can’t hit that $50,000 group goal. Therefore, I’ve set my personal goal at $50,000. Frankly, if we can do half of that, I’m going to be really proud of you all. If you help me make that $50,000 goal and I still don’t finish in the top three, even better yet. Again, please make your donations here. Thanks in advance!

Kilted To Kick Cancer. 2013 Edition.

Edited: The links were errantly pointing at the group page instead of my personal donation page. If you have alread made donations in my name, please let me know so I can get credited for them. Thanks!

If you want to skip my BS and donate, you can do so at this link. If you would like to be entertained by my schpiel, please read on..


If you have been reading me for long, you know that I have been doing this thing for a couple of years now. We will discuss figures, and I might even provide past links in the future (not that there’s anything wrong with Google), but we’ll discuss the basic basics here today. You people have been incredible. Last year’s KTKC was phenomenal thanks to you. The Tamraiser was amazing. You have recently performed well for the Evict Lyme thing (you bitches ;)). I’m proud of you all. And, I’m blegging again. Let’s kick male-specific cancer square in the nuts. So to speak.


Two years ago, you donated a little under $100 to my cause. It was absolutely incredible. Last year, my jaw hit the ground when you donated over $2000. All over the globe, you people came out and you were amazing. I plan to look up the numbers specifically, but I’m also going to set this year’s goal at a proportional gain from that same progression. If we don’t meet it, I won’t berate. But, we all know that it is possible. The cumulative KTKC goal for this year is $50,000. Following the above proposal, my personal goal this year will likely top the cumulative goal. Let us shine. Let us excel to extravagant degrees.


You are subject to receiving prizes on this deal. I’m not yet sure of what we’ll have in the pot, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. To those of you that wanted autographed paper bags last year, we haven’t forgotten about you, but just we’ve been lazy and time has gotten away from us. We’ll pull these little stunts again, I’m sure. I’m spending a month in a kilt. There will be questions from strangers. It will get awkward, and it will be a lot of fun for all of us.


You might recall, there were promises made last year. I have fallen down on my duties to publish this… Grief, you people need to know that I had to screw up courage for this…

catsuit and dress

Or this…

dress on the range 01

Or this (God help us all)…

catsuit and dress on the range

And of course, the full culmination of this madness led to this video:

Similar insanity is very much on the table this year. We will be hearing suggestions, and goal levels will be reasonably negotiated. I’m expecting greatness, but only the greatness that you’ve already demonstrated. Meet those expectations, and we’ll make it worth your while. Talk to me and tell me what you want to see. As long as it’s not too salacious and legal in 48 states, more or less, we can play. Again, the place to donate is here. This is me throwing out the first ball. Now, make me proud.