Fair Rides 4: Dropped From Up High

I’ve been posting these videos in the order that I rode the rides, and I’ve really been looking forward to this one. I’m extremely scared of heights. I really hate them. When I climb up the ladder on an Olympic diving board, it feels like I’m 100-yards over a butter tub with some water in it. It feels like death. I hate rides like this one. So, why did I do it? Because if this video gets me just one more donation to the Kilted To Kick Cancer cause, it will be worth it. Basically, I thought it would be funny, and I thought that if you laugh at my expense, you’ll be more likely to send some money to my KTKC page. So, here it is:

And, please don’t feel bad laughing at my misery – I did when I watched the footage later! Laugh away! Between you and me, I’m beginning to like this video making deal. I may have to find more excuses to do stupid stuff on video.

Alright. It’s On.

JayG offered to shave his face.

Kelly offered to shave half his ‘stache.

Then, Stingray offered to wax his junk.

These guys are talking like I’m not even in the room, and it’s very irritating. As of yesterday, I was in third place. As of this writing, I am in fourth, but it’s by a narrow margin. This is not a competition between the three of them. I have spoken with my lovely wife and we have a new offer.

If I win first place in the KTKC 2012, I will publish a video of the sexy Jennifer.
In a shiny, black, vinyl catsuit.
Shooting a Barrett M82A1.
I’m talking multiple angles, with some high-speed stuff. So, who’s in?

Edited to add:

Erin comments

Will there be a slo-mo close-up of her pert butt in said tight shiny catsuit? Because if so you need to mention that.

I’m planning on using several cameras, including mine – which will do 240-fps, although not at full resolution. Suffice it to say, I will see what I can do.

Kilted Fair Rides Part 3; Plus Cute, Fuzzy Animals

Today’s videos are things that go round. Like this thing:

The Twister was pretty fun, although being in a kilt was kind of an academic point, as the seat area was enclosed and the ride didn’t take us upside down. Even so, I was wearing my kilt. Representing, and all that.

This was probably my least favorite ride, as I captioned in the video. When it had us slung out nearly horizontally, the wheel rose into a vertical position on an articulated arm that pivoted from the ground. Usually that sort of thing doesn’t get to me, but I was feeling very woozy from that one. I probably should have turned my camera back on as I was walking down from the ride, so you could laugh at my drunk walk. Can you get a DUI for being dizzy? So anyway, here’s some pics of some cute, fuzzy animals, as promised:

This little deer was tiny. That’s Teen Bot’s hand on its back.

Who knew there was an alpaca farm in Mustang, OK?!?! I may now have a truly local source for luxury socks!

This little guy stole Jennifer‘s heart, and I’ve been trying to convince her since that either we don’t need a wallaby, or we need a breeding pair so they can earn their keep. I have to admit though, he was awful cute.

These little guys kept nipping at my kilt. Tiny goats crack me up. They’re just so odd and funny! So, there’s that. You’re in for a treat on the video tomorrow. In the meantime, please do drop a donation on my KTKC page! Thanks again!

New Kilt – 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt

On May 3, as many other people did, I placed an order with 5.11 Tactical for one of their Kilts that they released after teasing us with an April Fool’s prank.

Today, FedUp delivered a package to my home with my brand new TDK. So, I’m supposed to put it on with some combat boots and take some dramatic pics with an M4 or something, right?

So far, I’m decently happy with it. It doesn’t have as much pleating as I would like, but it does wear lightly. The pockets are a vast improvement over a traditional kilt. When ordering, they sized these things by the waist measurement. I may have to hem this thing to the proper length. I think I’ll wear it some first and see what happens when the new fabric settles down a little bit. I’m just happy to be wearing something other than the wool kilt at this point.

There we go! Oh, I know that I said I was going to try to post something non-kilty this afternoon. I wasn’t counting on FedUp. Sorry about that. Please donate to the cause! Thank you!

Roller Coasters and Other Delights

If you would like, you can skip the silliness and donate to the cause here. But, feel free to read on and be entertained. I’ve got to level with you. I almost never ride fair rides. The Scottish in me is entirely too cheap to pay for the ride tickets. The only reason I did any of the fair rides on Saturday was because we had free ride tickets. As fun as that was though, I could almost see springing for them in the future. If you read my blog yesterday, you doubtlessly saw me looking pretty silly on some fair rides. I told you then that I had more such videos to share. They had a little roller coaster at the fair. It didn’t really rival anything at any of the amusement parks within a day trip, but it was still fun.

Jennifer got several pics of us from the ground as she doesn’t do the roller coaster thing. They all look about like that last shot in the video – everyone is screaming except me, dutifully holding my camera above the car. Despite the neutral look on my face, I did enjoy the ride. Then, we decided to do something a little more serene. Jennifer’s back prevents her from riding anything boisterous, so we thought it might be nice to do something a little calmer, where we could do some people watching.

And, there was some great people watching to be done. The people watching went both ways, by the way. Seeing a man in a kilt is more common than you would think here in flyover country, but it’s still not common enough to register as normal. So I did get watched. A lot, in fact. As of this writing, I am still sitting in third place in the kilted fund raiser contest, behind JayG and Kelly, but the margins are tight. Plus, in only a few days’ time, we’ve exceeded a tenth of my posted goal of $5000.00 raised! If the donations keep coming in at that rate, we’ll make that goal. So, please do keep the donations coming! I’ll have more videos for you to watch through the week, and you’re in for a treat on Thursday! FedUp’s tracking is showing that I’ll have a brand new 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt this afternoon, so I may have to post some feedback on that. I’ll probably write up some non-kilt related stuff today as well, so please do check back.

Fun Videos

If I showed you some videos of myself on several different state fair rides wearing a kilt, would it influence you to donate to help stop male-specific cancers? It’s worth a try at any rate.

There’s more where that came from! We spent our Saturday at the fair, and I thought that it would be insanely fun to take some video of the rides. For some time now, I’ve been wanting to integrate more photos and videos into my blog. “Worth a thousand words” and all that. Heck, have another one!

Again, many thanks to those of you who have so generously donated funds towards the cause. Also, thank you A Girl for donating and sending your wonderful readers my direction! As of right now, I’m in third place for the most donations toward the goal. To everyone else, please do help me keep it there. Oh also, Jamilyn has donated yet another one of her beautiful paintings as a giveaway! This one is called Quiet Solitude, and is also an oil on canvas, 8×10:

So, there’s another one that my top donor can choose from. What else would you like? Are you holding out on a really great donation because I haven’t offered the right prize yet? What would that be? Also, please let me know if the videos are entertaining or stupid. Or both. Or neither. I think they’re funny, but that could be just a touch of narcissism. Regardless, I do hope you would consider donating to Kilted To Kick Cancer on my behalf.

A Pic for Your Amusement

That’s me. Wearing a woodland BDU shirt and cowboy hat with my kilt. Grilling steak. Drinking whiskey. In the rain. Bonus points for designer boots and sunglasses?

You guys have been awesome, but the team is far short of the $50,000 goal. Every little bit helps. And remember, donate under my name and there are prizes.

Evyl’s KTKC – Details on the Loot

You all remember a couple of days ago when I freaked out and had a whiny meltdown offered incentives for Kilted To Kick Cancer donations? Well, I wanted to give an update and provide some more information on the prizes. The painting by Jaimilyn is an 8×10 oil piece on canvas, entitled “Beginning of Fall”, as seen on her website. This is quite a beautiful painting that would very well decorate anyone’s wall. I would say that Jamilyn has forgotten more about fine art than I ever knew, but I don’t think she’s forgotten a single thing at all.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with Mark’s grips at Rimfire Designs, his work is fantastic. For the past couple years, I’ve chatted back and forth with Mark, and we’ve bounced our business ideas at each other repeatedly. Ironically, I don’t yet own any of his grips. I’ve been leaning on him to start producing some S&W revolver grips, and he’s finally caved! Imagine this kind of woodwork:

On this:

In this:

Keep in mind, that’s unfinished, rough-cut wood. That orange color gets a lot brighter when finished. For the astute among you who noticed my logo stamp atop that plank, this is my commitment to KTKC and the prizes:

Yes, that’s my chaotic workspace. And, the shelf bisecting this image that everything is on is the English yew plank in question. So, I’m going to have to uproot all that clutter and ship a gun to Mark in order to make this happen. And, it’s totally worth it. Mark is going to make two sets of grips that will be signed and numbered and awarded separately. But wait, that’s not all! 😉

I’m also offering a custom holster build. Have you been wanting one of my holsters but hadn’t gotten around to ordering yet? Do you need something in an odd cant angle or a crazy color? For your Glock, or 1911, or M&P, or possibly another type of handgun, have you been needing a new tuckable IWB or pancake style OWB holster?

Of course, the above is just an example. That particular specimen has already been delivered and put into full-time use. I’ll look forward to working on a new and unique piece made just for you! Be the top donator to my KTKC page, and you get your pick of these.

KTKC – Many Thanks!

You people are truly awesome. AWESOME. Twenty-four hours ago, I had not generated a single donation for the cause. I appealed to my readership in my frustration and have seen $150.00 $160.00 come in since then. With sixteen days left in the month, if we can keep this pace, we could raise $2400.00, which is very nearly $2560, which is over* half of the flippant goal I put on my page. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Big, big thanks to you all. And, if you haven’t donated yet, please do. Every bit helps – even five or ten bucks at a time will add up in a hurry. Please do give however much you feel called to.

*corrections made, as I got a donation while writing this entry.

My First (Embarrassing) Experience With Square

Recently, I paid for a meal on an iPad. The girl had me swipe my debit card and then turned the tablet so I could ‘sign’ it. Those things don’t react to a fingernail or anything. You really do have to use the pad of your finger. Despite my preliminary attempts, I was not putting down a signature. Then, the girl touched the pad and made a curved line in the signature space. She recoiled and acted sheepish. I proceeded to draw a happy face and an “X” in the remaining space. Much laughter ensued.

I should have known better. I’ve been using an Android phone for a while now. It’s not like this is new technology to me. And the girl? She didn’t mention the kilt. But, here’s a song by the band that her husband is in:

I think those guys do a pretty good job. Speaking of my kilt, please do donate a few bucks to KTKC on my behalf. Depending on your donation, you could get some sweet loot! I wonder if I could get Seether to kick in some goodies for the contest…