IT Again…

Last Summer, I had an incident with my laptop that I chronicled here. Since then, I’ve been a good kid. Every now and then I’ll pull the keyboard to blow out the CPU fan with canned air. Incidentally, canned air is the most terrifying thing in the world to kittehs. Even more so than acid water. As I’ve done this, the interval in which I have to blow out the cooling fan has become smaller and smaller. This morning, the laptop overheated and bluescreened on me. *sigh…*

I decided that it was about time that I more fully open up the machine and get better access to the CPU fan so I could more thoroughly clean the dust out. I figured that a deeper cleaning was in order. So, I got out my tiny screwdriver, turned on my task lights and tore into the poor computer. Some of the Toshiba Satellites have been made so that you pull the keyboard, and the top panel and then you have access to the fan. This is how Jennifer‘s Satellite is put together, actually. But my computer is put together in an awkward format so that it has to be torn down to bare pieces and the motherboard has to come completely out of the case in order to fully access the stupid fan! So, I had the lappy in a million pieces all over my sewing table and design desk.

I didn’t realize I would have to separate the heat sink from the CPU until this point. Crap. I don’t have any of the dielectric goo that you’re supposed to smear between the CPU and heat sink. Well back in the day, I used to just slap a heat sink right back on a P-II processor with whatever was left of the old grease. Maybe that would work here too. So, I cleaned out the fan very thoroughly and reinstalled it. I tracked down every screw and replugged every pigtail. Once I had every component reinstalled and had checked the whole thing over three times, I powered her up. The computer booted up and everything seemed great for about three minutes until it overheated and shut down. Crap. Heat sink grease. These earlish AMD dual-core, 64-bit processors are renowned for their heat production.

Having no car, since Jenni drove our only car to work, I had to either find a ride or walk to the local computer supply store. I called my brother who has not been working for a little while, and he agreed to pick me up and run my errands with me. We made it by the supply store and the cute little Asian girl helped me out. She apologized that they had no static bracelets or alcohol swabs, and showed me two different variations on dielectric grease. I opted for the allegedly better one. While we were out, we caught some texmex fast food, ran by the p4wn shop, and the insurance office.

Once I made it back home, I again reduced the lappy to bits and pieces, but this time I douched the CPU, GPU, and heatsink with denatured alcohol on a cotton ball and applied the gray goo. Again, I reassembled everything. Holding my breath, I didn’t lose any screws. Whew! By this time, I was getting pretty good at disassembling and reassembling my computer. When everything was all put together again, I took a deep breath and powered on the computer. It hummed to life normally and I began to check settings and files and make sure I hadn’t lost any data in the last crash. About three minutes in, around the time that I realized that I did not yet hear the cooling fan, it overheated and shut down. Again. Crap. I forgot to plug in the damned cooling fan.

Tearing the computer back down to bits and pieces went remarkably quickly this time. I was becoming a pro and wondered if I should start doing this for a living. When I had the machine into a million pieces again, and had removed the motherboard once more, I found that I had indeed failed to plug in the cooling fan on the last reassembly. The heatsink was nice and toasty from one end to the other, but the fan had not moved air across it. Practically smacking myself on the forehead, I plugged in the fan and reassembled the computer at record speed. Of course, my brother had decided to hang around for a while. He was getting quite the giggle out of my antics. But, but, I neeeeeed my computer!!! And, it doesn’t work like this:

Once the laptop was all one piece again, I hit that power button again. The computer hummed. Lights came on. I waited. I heard drives spin. I heard beeps. The monitor produced no sign of life. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After waiting a few moments with no life from the display, I powered it down yet again and laid my head down on the keyboard, fighting the urge to sob or throw the stupid thing through the closed window. I couldn’t swear that I had gotten the monitor plugged in on the last go-together, so it was safe to assume that I simply had not plugged it in. So the computer came apart again. All the while I thought about how normal people pay someone else to do this. The monitor wasn’t unplugged per se, but it wasn’t exactly fully plugged in. I’m not sure how I managed that, but there it was. I plugged in the damned display and screwed the damned computer back together.

I said a quick prayer and took another deep breath. I held it this time. I pressed the power button and clenched my teeth, still holding said breath. the next few seconds were an eternity as I braced for whatever should come next with Murphy’s Law. But, the lappy blazed to life with the Toshiba spash screen. OH HALLELUIAH, PRAISE JESUS!!!!! My ears were serenaded with the sweet sweet sound of the Windon’t startup jingle. By this time, the day was about shot and I hadn’t done any of the work that I really needed to. But, my computer is back together and running better than it has in some time. Ironically, I think that I can just as effectively spray out the cooling fan through the underside of the keyboard now that I’ve seen what I’m working with. Someday I’m going to pay someone else to do this crap though.

Good Times

I revealed earlier that there was some disappointment last weekend. On Monday, MattG, Lawdog, and Phlegmmy came back through to pick up cars and continue on home. The last couple of winters have been sufficient to cycle the peach pits, and although our last peach tree died, there were quite a few sprouts in the yard this spring. Last summer was brutal enough that it killed all but one of the peach sprouts. The reason this works into the story is that we’ve been looking for homes for peach trees. Lawdog and Phlegmmy took three of them and MattG took one home as well.

MattG is insane, by the way. It sounds as though he took off exactly enough time to make the NRA Con. As in, the limiting factor for his arrival at my place on Friday was when he could get off work, and the determining point on when he had to get back home was when his next shift started. So on Monday, he had just enough time to exchange pleasantries, take a red Solo cup full of peach sprout, shoehorn himself into his Civic clown style, and split. Phlegmmy and Lawdog had places to be and puppies to pick up, but at least had enough time that we got to grab a late lunch with them. The food was pretty good, but the company was great! As much as I always appreciate our group get togethers with the bloggers and enough hardware to take over a banana republic, sitting down to a meal just the four of us was a rare treat. We got to enjoy the NRA Con vicariously, and Lawdog tells me that I need to have a booth next year. *sigh* Trade shows are so expensive! Who knows, maybe I’ll be moving enough cash to justify it by this time next year.

Schutenfest was an insane amount of fun, but I’m really looking forward to Phlegmfest. It’s so nice to just sit around and chat. It’s nearly impossible to replicate that experience on the firing line. Unfortunately. Perhaps I should invest more in silencers. Although they wouldn’t work very well on my ported, Magnum revolvers. Perhaps I should invest in a Nagant revolver and put a can on that. But, that’s a tangent of its own. Besides that, the shooting tends to be distracting beyond the noise associated with it. And that’s probably a good thing.

Moving forward, the weather looks pretty good for this weekend so far. We’re still up in the air on whether we’re going to try to make it to Borepatch’s deal. On Sunday, I was able to sight in my bow for twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty yards. I’m here to tell you, fifty yards looks a lot shorter through rifle sights! However, I was able to plant a four-shot group within a dinner plate sized group at that distance. If it hadn’t been so windy, I bet it would have been tighter than that. There are wild creatures that are in more peril now than they were last week. Unfortunately, Jennifer did something mysterious to wrench her back and has been appropriately pathetic since. I took her to the witch doctor chiropractor on Tuesday and she seems to be getting better, but the jury is still out as to whether she’ll be in shotgunning condition by Saturday. I have my doubts that she’ll be up for a full-blown blogshoot though. Additionally, if we can’t get our hands on a car that burns less oil, I don’t see making the drive.

Between meeting with friends on Monday, Taking Jennifer to the doctor on Tuesday, and Teen Bot’s state testing on Friday, I’m not getting much done this week. I’ve actually gotten a whole lot more done than I thought I would though. And I’ve got an engine to rebuild next week. I coveted MattG’s beat up Civic over the weekend. It shouldn’t take very long to overhaul the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan. If we’re lucky I bet we can pull it off in two days. Worst case scenario, I imagine we’ll have it back together by the weekend. We’ve got to get it back together so we can go meet up with our remote friends!

Ah, the Interwebtron!

One of the greatest things about modern technology is that just anyone can record and publish themselves, with or without any credit beyond the will to do so and a handfull of relatively cheap tech, without being accountable to anyone else. One of the most horrible things about modern technology is that just anyone can record and publish themselves, with or without any credit beyond the will to do so and a handfull of relatively cheap tech, without being accountable to anyone else. Erin has said that I should watch My Little Pony on one occasion or another. See, the problem is that as a Lady Gaga fan, if I also became a brony, I’d have what’s left of my man card confiscated forever.

Regardless of any of that, I had a sudden urge to listen to the Born This Way CD while I was emailing, which has become my Monday work routine. Thank God for YouTube! And between emails, I discovered that there are enough Lady Gaga covers floating around YouTube to gag a horse! Therefore, as one of the unchecked jackasses on the interwebtron, I’ve compiled Teh Official, Unofficial, Born This Way Fan Tribute Album!!!1!!. Check it out! I think this one is really good, and the spirit matches the original even if the style is quite modified. If I wasn’t already familiar with the song, I would have my doubts that it was actually a Gaga piece:

And this one is just so sweet. Ironically, the title song is my least favorite on the CD. But, putting it in a child’s voice gives it new relevance, not at all unlike Johnny Cash’s rendition of “Hurt”, or Young @ Heart’s cover of “Fix You”. Anyway, this young lady does a great job with the material:

This next one is so close to the original, but it does have some new flavors from the artists’ personal touches that it works into a nice little cover. To all of you thinking of covering others’ work, this ain’t a bad way to do it:

Don’t do it like this though, unless you’re going for the comedic value. Which I don’t think that’s what this guy was going for:

I will give this dude an honorable mention actually. Apparently, he got a hold of the lyrics before the music or recordings were out, and he ran with them and a good helping of personal creativity. Which makes it less of a cover or remake than like a premake or something. Anyway. Shalalala!!!!:

There are a bunch of accoustic covers running around, but this one has a particular energy and charm that some of the others lack:

Of course, I can’t accuse this next one of lack of energy or charm. She has impressive mastery of the language that brought us the phrase “besame mucho”. Close your eyes and you’ll forget this girl is a white blonde:

I like this one for its simplicity. The artistic liberties that she took are respectful and appropriate to the original. And her look makes me kind of believe that it’s true for her:

And this is just fun. It would make a good back track for a car chase scene with machine guns. Don’t feel like you have to go through the whole three minutes. It does get a little repetitive:

And this girl has a charming little voice. She reminds me of a cross between Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Again, artistic license used well:

I couldn’t find much on “Bad Kid” that did much for me. Although this is not bad, I wish this kid would express a little more in the performance. The technical bobble a the 0:43 mark really gets to me too:

This gal has a lot of talent. She’s posted several song covers to YouTube. She needs better monitors as she has some tonal issues in some of her videos although it’s not a consistent problem. I’d also like to see a little more interesting interpretation on the guitar part. Still, she’s worth a listen:

And of course someone would do a metal version of “Heavy Metal Lover”! He does a nice job of it too, IMHO:

And this is just creative and funny. I’m not sure I really get the point of the video, but I may have to watch it while I’m not doing something else when I get a chance:

My hands-down favorite song on the CD is “You and I”. The best cover of this song that I could find on YouTube in five minutes of searching is the version by Jenny Lane and Adam Stanton, but I can’t embed their video. And Kalifornia? Seriously? Soooooo, I’ll just embed Savannah Outen’s cover of this song instead, which is also excellent:

One of the problems that I keep running into is that most dudes who decide to do a Lady Gaga cover come across more queer than Elton John singing Lady Gaga. I don’t have a problem with them being queer per se, but nobody should ever come across as more of a cupcake than Sir Elton Herculese John. This guy, on the other hand, does a nice job with this song. I could make complaints about the stylistic lilting that’s so popular right now, and I could make fun of his rolled sleeves, popped collar and feaux-hawk, but after the “Government Hooker” guy from above, I don’t really see the point. Enjoy:

So, there you have it. If you have made it this far and actually listened to all of that and followed every link, I salute you!

UPDATE: As to the little girl singing “Born This Way”, it turns out I’m not the only one who noticed:

Bummed 2

As an update to this, it is officially a fail. Not only is it raining now, but Central Oklahoma is under tornado watch and forecasts include softball sized hail. Not only will quarry be absent, and not only would we risk not being able to get back home on the mud roads, there would be major risks to life and limb were we to decide to tough it out. So, weekend plans are a bust. Crap.

Bummed but Optimistic

Minutes ago, Lawdog, Phlegmmy, and MattG left my home. They stopped by to rub it in and make me jealous consolidate cars on their way to the NRA Convention. They arrived within minutes of each other and stood and chatted on the front sidewalk just long enough to make me remember how much I’ve missed my friends.

I’d like to blame my lack of trying to make the con on finances. But, cash flow is the best it has been since I started working for myself, and I’ve got friends and family in the area that would totally let my family crash with them if we hoofed it out. Honestly, I don’t really know why we didn’t make more of an effort to go. But, it’s probably good that we didn’t, seeing as how we’ve got a car with a blown engine. *Sigh.*

However, as long as the weather holds, Jennifer and I are still planning on going out to hunt turkeys this weekend, just the two of us, so that’s exciting! I was really looking forward to Teen Bot coming with us, but he hasn’t shown much interest in learning to shoot shotgun yet. Maybe this weekend will be a driving factor in him actually learning to shoot it. We’re pitching a tent in our favorite Sooper Seekrit Location tonight, so we can hike up to our already set up blind in the dark before dawn. We have snacks and drinks set aside as well as three shotguns and a bow. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted a follow up to my archery post. I expect we’ll pattern the shotguns this afternoon and generally enjoy each other’s company. In case of hogs, we’ll have a couple of big-bore pistols at the ready.

But, I don’t think the hogs have been on the property for a little while now. People who know more about it might not agree with me, but it is my belief that the hogs ran off the coyotes and the big cats ran off the hogs. We’re seeing less and less of big cats (haven’t seen one of the cougar tracks in quite a few weeks), although the bobcats are still around, and the deer population seems to be coming up again. I’m definitely looking forward to October 1 when deer archery starts along with Fall turkey and rabbit seasons!

We’re supposed to meet up with Lawdog and Phlegmmy on Monday when they come back through town for a meal at the local South American restaurant. Mmmmmm! When I first mentioned this place to Lawdog, his ears perked up and he announced that they would be visiting. We’ve been there with other bloggers before, and have been looking forward to sharing it with more of our friends. I really do want to try their entire menu eventually, but I’m so hooked on their diablo shrimp entree that I haven’t made much headway in that regard. It’s hot and shrimpy and wonderful.

So to recap, I’m jealous and pouty that we aren’t going to the NRA Con this year. We’ll definitely be probing our Houston contacts about next year’s con. Although I’m upset that we won’t make the con, I’m really stoked about our hunting trip. If I see a turkey, I expect we’ll have turkey dinner soon. Wish us luck! I haven’t seen my engine rebuild kit come in yet, but the car seems to be limping along okay, even if it does go through about half a quart of oil for each gallon of gas it burns. Oh, and it misses like crazy since all that oil has so badly fouled the iridium spark plugs. It’s times like these that I really regret not having a second vehicle. It shouldn’t be long before we can address this issue and more though. To all of you going to St. Louis this weekend, have fun and take lots of pics!

Cars and Murphy’s Law

Well, not completely…

Last week, the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan started doing something strange and unprecedented. It has used a little oil for a long time now. The rate at which it was burning oil versus the rate that it smoked led me to believe that it was valve stem seals, which are pretty simple to replace. Since the Summer was so hot, I put it off and said that I’d get to it when the weather was better for it.

Well, last week, it started drinking oil nearly as fast as gasoline. It still never leaves a drop on the ground, but will now belch large clouds of smoke when the throttle is stomped. It didn’t take much research to discover that there was a fairly common problem that caused oil consumption in these engines. Some well-meaning engineer decided that it was much more betterer to have two catalytic converters instead of one, and the first one should be located as close to the exhaust as possible. So, Nissan built the exhaust header with a ‘pre-cat’ in it. Presumably when heated under normal usage and then cooled, as happens in reality, the material in this ‘pre-cat’ cracks and may back flow into the engine, ruining the piston rings.

There’s one way to know for certain. Having been a professional wrench-turner at one point in time, I know my way around a car engine. Using a compression gauge, you take a reading on each cylinder and record it. Then, you add about a tablespoon of oil down each spark plug hole and remeasure the compression readings. The oil will temporarily seal bad compression rings, so if you get a significant increase in pressure, you have bad rings. If you don’t, you have bad valves. Alright. Party time.

My brother contacted me and asked if I would help him replace the transmission in his wife’s car. I agreed, but after talking with him for a few asked why we were replacing the tranny. He explained that when he started it, he couldn’t put it in gear, but if he started it in gear, he could shift it from gear to gear with the clutch depressed. That doesn’t sound like synchros. I didn’t think the tranny was the issue. I told him to try bleeding the hydraulics. He suggested bringing the car over. I suggested he bring the compression gauge and perhaps we could address two problems at once.

We bled the clutch hydraulics and they started working fine. We tested compression. Readings came out 175, 170, 165, and 160-psi, respectively. With oil (transmission fluid, actually, but functionally the same for this purpose), 190, 190, 170, and 190-psi. Blown rings. Needs a major overhaul. Crap. Fortunately, I know how to do that. I was able to find a gasket, ring, and bearing kit for less than $200, and I have a biological brother and a chosen brother who are willing to donate their time.

I’m really not looking forward to this, but it could have been so much worse. I suppose we’ll have to rebuild the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan. I suppose I feel fortunate that I do have the know-how. But still, this is eating into my holster making time! Besides that, I’d rather spend my time and money on more fun stuff! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!!

Weird Dreams Again

And, this a couple nights in a row.

On Saturday night, I had a dream that I was helping to move a house. I’d received a phone call from a friend who asked if I wanted to make some easy money. I asked for more information, of course. My friend explained that they were moving a house for hire, and they wanted to contract with creative, mechanically-minded people who had experience moving awkward objects. I used to move pianos with my dad in real life. The goal was to make the job faster and more precise so they could charge the customer a premium for the convenience. The plan was to then pay more to the contract labor. Sounds good to me!

So I drove to the job site on the agreed upon morning, which was way out in the woods. It was still fairly dark when I arrived, but I could see a barn and a stable, and what looked like an old wooden sailing ship with the very bottom of the hull sunk into the earth. There was a door on the side of the ship, and light coming through the window in the door. Apparently, the ship was the house we were moving. There were no other vehicles around, so I parked my car some distance from the odd building.

When I knocked on the door, an elderly lady came to it and without opening it, asked what I wanted. I explained that I was one of the workers that was hired to move her house, and asked if I could get a glass of water. She invited me in and led me into a dining nook that was located in the stern with a large bay window. There she had a table prepared and there was a little girl finishing her breakfast at the table. As I came in, the girl was clearing her dishes and left to somewhere else in the house.

“Won’t you please have a seat?” asked the old woman as she poured a glass of water for me. So, I sat and looked around the room. It was cozy and there was a lot of woodwork, but it was not at all ship-like. The woman handed me the glass of water and asked if I would take a cup of tea. I hesitated for a moment, knowing that the rest of the work crew would arrive shortly. But, I didn’t really see the harm. We made small talk as the kettle heated on the stove and the woman ate her breakfast. When she got up the clear her own empty dishes and to bring the tea, I felt a strange motion. It was as if I was tipping backwards. I suddenly realized that I was indeed tipping backwards, as the entire structure was being tipped on its side!

Then, I felt a surge as the ship/house started moving along the ground. I pulled myself upright and looked out the now sideways bay window in disbelief. I watched my car disappear into the distance as the ship/house was dragged away. By now, the sun had breached the horizon and it was bright outside. We continued to accelerate, and bump along the dirt road toward the interstate. Plowing under a low overpass, the side of the ship was sruck against stone, and it splintered and tore out with a deafening crash and now there was open air above my head. When we made it to the interstate, the ride got smoother and quieter. I righted a chair and sat down to watch the road through the bay window.

Instead of the old woman, a man with a crazy beard came in with a cup, “Here’s your tea.” Strangely, the man was a guy named Steve who I worked with as a mechanic in real life, years ago. He sat down next to me and thoughtfully looked through the window at the traffic behind the ship. That’s when a car caught my eye. It was a bright green Honda, a model that I had never seen before. I pointed it out and commented that I wasn’t familiar with it. Real Life Steve didn’t care much for Hondas and always gave me a hard time about my Civic. In the dream, he made some comment showing his disdain for the car that I had just pointed out. Then he said, “Mike, you know about car stereos, right? You’ve installed those things, haven’t you?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “I’ve installed a bunch of them. It’s pretty easy, even if you haven’t done it before.”

“Well, I’d just as soon pay you to do it if you’ve done it before and know what you are doing,” Steve commented, contrary to Real Life Steve’s character.

“I guess I could do that for you,” I shrugged.

He then added, “I need one installed in my motorcycle trailer.”

“Huh,” I said, “That’s a little different application than I’ve dealt with in the past, but the principles should be the same.”

And, on went the conversation as we skidded down the freeway in an overturned ship/house thing, presumably on the end of a rope tied to a diesel pickup. We went through a long curve and just as a skier on the end of a line, we left the roadway and went up the grassy embankment. As we came out of the curve and slid back onto the pavement, the whole ship started to rotate until we were going forwards for once. I could see the long rope that tethered this bizarre structure to the truck that towed it, and I could see another curve in the road with an overpass immediately after. The ship again slid off the pavement and up the grass embankment, rotating backwards again. And then it was violently yanked off the embankment and under the overpass, and that’s about when the alarm went off.


So, that was weird.

Then last night, I had another strange and vivid dream that wasn’t nearly so long.

Jenni and I had been out together, having a bit of a date night. We had each had a couple of beers and were feeling cheerful and fun. As I walked up the sidewalk to our front door, Jenni walked to the gate and wandered into our back yard. Confused, I abandoned the front door and followed her to the back.

“What’s up?” I asked.

She answered, “I just wanted to take a look back here before we went in.”

“Okay,” I said, “Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

She explained, “Not really. I just had a weird feeling.” She began looking around our back porch and back yard. Noting a couple of items that seemed to be a little out of place she indicated our sliding glass door, “I think someone’s tried to break into our house!”

I cocked an incredulous eyebrow at her, “Honey, if someone had tried to break into this door, I think they would have been successful. You’re freaking out over nothing.” Again, very uncharacteristic of Real Life Jennifer.

“True,” she conceded, “But, something seems wrong.”

For a moment we stood on the deck in the moonlight, quietly pondering what she could have been perceiving as off. That’s when Old NFO walked around the corner wearing his 511 Tactical pants and combat boots with a t-shirt. He even had his Scar slung over his shoulder.

“Old NFO!” we shouted unison, “we didn’t expect you!”

As he shook my hand and hugged Jenni, he said, “I just felt bad that I missed your blog shoot and I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to stop by. What are y’all up to?”

“She thought that someone might have tried to force our back door open, so we’re checking it out,” I explained.

“Well, it wasn’t me!” Old NFO exclaimed, much to our amusement.

And that’s about when the alarm went off this morning. What in the world did I eat? What will I dream about tonight? Does this mean I’m crazy? LOL!

The Paddle Holster

Cross posted at The Holster Site.

Over a year ago, Old NFO commissioned a paddle holster from me. I’d never made a paddle holster before, and I had never worn a paddle holster before. Other people had asked about these things in the past and I had declined the work because of my lack of experience with them. But, Old NFO is a friend, and a very honest one at that. I knew that if the holster sucked, he’d tell me so and do so with affection. So I took some notes and cobbled together a holster. When we spoke about the holster after the fact, he pointed out the fact that the smooth leather the paddle was made of was entirely too slick, and he couldn’t draw the gun without drawing the holster. I made a replacement paddle with the rough side out and a cleat stitched to the pants side of the paddle. He since reported that although it works well and he’s happy with it, the paddle should be made slightly wider on any subsequent models. Duly noted.

And then I was approached by the Prop Master working with In Plain Sight. The show did purchase a holster from me, based on Old NFO’s holster, and they filmed a scene in which the holster is given to the show’s main character, Mary Shannon. However, it appears that the holster scene got cut in editing. In the meantime, I was featured in Shooting Illustrated because of this holster, and in Concealed Carry magazine for another one of my holsters. The Shooting Illustrated article raised a lot of traffic for me, as did certain bloggers who are really cool people that have been consistent support since I started this thing. Thank you for that! Even though the holster may have been cut from the show, it still generated some new awareness, and I’m thankful.

All of a sudden, people started ordering paddle holsters. I decided that I had better do some time in one of these so I could make them the best that they could be. So, I made one to fit one of my 586L-Comps. Although I’d never much thought about paddle holsters, and never really saw myself wearing one, I like it. It’s tons more comfortable and concealable than I ever thought it would be. I wore it for about six weeks and then I performed a deranged experiment on it. When Jennifer announced that she got some Tannerite, Say Uncle suggested that we should torture test a holster with it. What a great idea! Because, when we blow it up, I can see where all of the weak points are by where it breaks. That was the idea anyway. I miss wearing that holster. I may have to fix it. And yes, it is quite fixable. Having the 1/2-lb of Tannerite it was sitting on detonate did not break it beyond repair. Heck, it didn’t even break a stitch. I realistically should have had a dummy gun in the holster when we blew it up, but I’ll try to remember that for the next one. More video and pics are on the way.

I’m trying to get my catalog organized so we can put it on the website. It’s been a lot harder than it ought to be. But, suffice it to say that the paddle holsters are here to stay.