Scandium Fever

I’ve been cataloging a lot of different gun models in a workbook that I’ll use for business purposes. This has of course whetted my appetite for new guns. I wonder if this is a valid price for this product.

Six hundred, fifty bucks seems a little low for a hurt-your-handium S&W in today’s economy, and I could just almost come up with that kind of scratch. I don’t have a snubby and really need* one. I’d really like a light weight Magnum model, and the 360 would fit the bill quite well. Then again, had I the bucks, I’d be tempted to save up the additional $220 and go with the no-lock, no-hammer version**.

And, I had no idea they were making this beauty.

DO WANT!!!!! I’ve shot the 25-oz 329PD before, and found it to be quite unpleasant. The so-called Snubby From Hell hits with a lot harder recoil than the .44, and in so crosses a line beyond unpleasant and comes back around to entertaining. To me, anyway. But I’m a recoil masochist. The 329PD leaves the experience somewhere in the just unpleasant territory by contrast. I find my 48-oz, 6.5-inch M29 to be very pleasant to shoot but not much fun to carry around. The long sight radius and the velocity from the long tube make it a viable shooter at longer distances. Heh. My revolver thinks it’s a carbine. But, it’s the factory engraved model and I won’t put it in a holster. It’s as awkward to lug around as a rifle without a sling. It really is a range queen.

The above mentioned XL Hunter, however… At 33-oz, it pretty well splits the difference between the just unpleasant 329PD and my lugubrious M29. I wouldn’t feel bad about stuffing it in a holster, and it would run around the farm with me. That thing would kill anything in Oklahoma and a few surrounding states. It was very well made as a hunting handgun. I’ve been wanting a .44 Mag that I could carry in the woods with a clear conscience, and I think I’ve found it. I was thinking stainless, but the fully-lugged 6.5-inch scandium model might be even better. I tried to call the local merchant of death to find out what this baby retails for, but they didn’t answer. I know they’ve been very busy lately though. Perhaps I’ll chat up my gun selling buddy and see what he can work out for me…

Now see, this is what always happens. There’s a gun I really need but there’s this other gun that I kind of need but want more badly. What will eventually happen is I’ll get the one that I really don’t need as much. *sigh* Maybe I could just get a cheaper .38 instead of the Magnum and then also the .44. At the risk of sounding like a pathetic beggar, if anyone feels like playing Santa, I wouldn’t refuse a donated gun***. You know, in the name of science. Or something. Also, Ruger’s 10/22 TD is freaking sweet and I want one three. IMHO, that’s how the 10/22 should have always been.

*No, seriously. I sell more holsters for snubbies than anything else, including 1911s or Glocks. I kind of owe it to my customers to get a snub that I can wear for the purpose of R&D.

**Yes, I know it has a hammer internally. But, “no-lock, no-external-hammer” doesn’t have quite as nice a ring to it. And I know that flag removal is pretty easy, but I’d prefer to not have to remove parts of my gun to make it suitable for defensive purposes.

***My birthday is in August, FWIW. 😉

Blood Dancing

I don’t usually blog about news or current events and there’s a good reason for that. I don’t keep up with them very well. I don’t find the news uplifting to me as a person, and so I just don’t pay attention. I try to keep half an ear to the ground in politics and legislation, but not so much that I could take a test on the subject matter that included dates. Even so, I couldn’t stay quiet on this one.

By now, we’ve all heard about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The most infuriating mention of this incident that I’ve seen is in the Chicago Tribune, (H/T to Texas Fish and Game) where they attempt to use the altercation as evidence that the mere possession of a firearm puts a person on the defensive on a psychological level and makes them more likely to see others as aggressors, even when they are not. Specifically, they mention a ‘scientific’ study in which they determined that someone is more likely to see a gun in a picture where no gun is present when they are holding a gun themselves. They determined this by placing a gun in the hand of the test subject and showed them a series of pictures depicting objects, most of which were innocuous, and the subjects were substantially more likely to misidentify the pictures as a gun.

Please humor me for a moment and allow me to point out the fatal flaw in this test and its conclusion. Nearly half the people out there do not have guns in their homes. Among those people, there tends to be a stigma that has been created over decades of work by politicians and the media. Even among people who are not specifically against guns, they cause an emotional reaction because of this manufactured stigma. I remember standing at the range counter, having the guy at the rental hand me a S&W M629 and a box of ammo, and tell me which areas of the gun to stay away from. I remember him pointing me to the bay in which I’d be shooting and I remember my heart pounding in my ears. I didn’t think the gun was going to hurt me, and I wasn’t anywhere close to an anti. It’s just that life had taught me that guns are frightening scary things that And I remember going home that evening with a little more understanding of the world, which would grow into my new way of life. Little did I know that I would become a part of the industry.

Considering this information, if a quarter to half of the subjects in the test have a reaction anything similar to what I described, even in the slightest way, then of course the results would turn out the way they did! To take this as conclusive evidence is like putting someone’s hand in a dark box full of something warm, wet, and chunky and showing them a surgery film. There’s no way they’ll now identify the content of the box as clam chowder. And then, they go and start jumping to conclusions.

“It’s all about intention,” Witt said. “If you can feel the weapon on your hip and intend to use it, my prediction is that the perceptual bias would be just as great. Based on our other research, the anticipation of using an object is just as powerful an influence on perception.”

The language in this statement shows that Witt doesn’t know the first thing about gun culture.

“The perception system and the motor system evolved together,” Witt said. “They share circuitry, so it makes sense that one would affect the other.”

And it’s no secret that people see what they are looking for. Heck, I’ve heard that argument of psychology used to explain away bigfoot sightings!

But the proliferation of right-to-carry and concealed-carry gun laws makes that mistake more likely, say scientists.

…contrary to all the historical evidence available. And these people call themselves ‘scientists.’ What they are trying to say here is that the gun made the shooter act in violence. These ‘scientists’ say it whispered into his head like the One Ring whispered to Frodo. It’s a tired old argument that our guns, these inanimate objects have mind control powers, but with an even sillier spin. Did you know that someone with a gun is more likely to shoot it than someone without a gun? Scientists have also found that if your parents never had children, chances are you won’t either. People who own shoes are more likely to not go barefoot than those who don’t. Yeah well, you know how many people I’ve ever shot? Exactly none. I’ve never even almost accidentally shot anyone. You know how often I carry a gun? Every day. Throw that wrench in your hypothesis.

Tab Clearing, As They Call It, or Massive Shameless Link Dropping.

1 – I’d like to point your attention to Sam Harper, who makes long bows and recurve bows on the cheap. Real cheap. His ‘build alongs’ are informative and entertaining, even if you never intend to build your own bow. He tells about making his own tools and jigs out of discarded materials from local construction sites, and does a great job explaining many of the mysteries of the science of archery from the mechanical side. If you read a few of his articles and don’t come away with a few laughs and fresh pieces of information, I don’t know what else to tell you.

2 – As Teen Bot (formerly known as Wee Bot) and I have taken our lunch breaks, we have been tuning in to silly things to watch on the interwebtron. We’ve been completely through Eek! The Cat, Animaniacs, and most of Homestar Runner. But the other day, on a YouTube wander, we ran across this gem of parody:

For the last few days, I’ve had “everybody poops, and if they don’t they’re an android, and should be destroyed,” stuck in my head. I honestly feel a little guilty for laughing so hard at such sophomoric humor. Oh well. Grown ups are just kids that owe money, after all.

3 – A while back, I was contacted by Bob Campbell, who requested several holsters for review. It appears that he did publish a project that features one of my holsters, as A Girl pointed out. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else Bob has to say about my work in the future. It’s nice to see my name there beside some that are far more well recognized!

4 – I’m looking forward to getting this stock installed on my shotgun, but it’s going to take more time and money than I first realized. That’s about the way these things work though. Jenni just got a new camera (delayed Christmas funded by tax return), and we’ll be taking some pics of it (as well as everything else we can get our hands on). Who knew that a little hinge could be so expensive or hard to come by? And, what does it say about me that I’ve determined that the easiest way to accommodate a pistol grip on my scattergun is to make my adapter so that it accepts an AR grip adapter for an AK? I’m afraid that I’m going to have to pick up the hinge, pistol grip, and grip adapter before I can even think about getting the piece of billet that I’ll need to grind down to put it all together. I need to do some funds recharging before I can get that hinge.

5 – Uncle touched a point that I wanted to go back and review because I understand his sentiment, but I haven’t taken the time to do that. I can relate to his frustration. I’m opinionated. I’m impassioned. From time to time, people think I’m arguing with them when I’m not. Often, I’m not even disagreeing with them! I learned long ago never to mock someone else’s taste in dog or cat breeds, cars, or firearms. People take those things very personally.

6 – We have jalapeño and bhut jolokias sprouting right now. We’re going to have to pick up some habaneros as we weren’t able to get any viable seeds from last year’s ‘crop.’ But, I think I’d like to get my greasy paws on some of those moruga scorpions. Even the pepper’s name sounds wicked!

7 – Recently, I’ve had a couple people ask if I could make a holster to accommodate these things. As inexpensive as they are, I’ll probably order one if anybody actually places an order.

8 – I see the holster business taking on a laser cutter in the not-so-distant future. In streamlining my most time consuming activities, cutting is right up there. I don’t really have any place to put the thing at the moment. Don’t worry, when I make that jump, I’ll put it to more creative uses than simple panel cutting.

9 – It’s Silver‘s fault, by way of Christina LMT, but this “Deadmau5” character is beginning to grow on me:

That being said, when it comes to rave type music, I still prefer Infected Mushroom.

10 – Don’t forget to watch the season premier of In Plain Sight next Friday, so see my famous holster on TV. Happy Friday, everybody!

Boomsticks Forever – Modular Stocks

I just got my Werewolf stock in from Boomsticks Forever.

Oh. Emm. Gee.

Pics are pending. I’m a walnut and blue steel kind of guy, but this powder-coated and Kydex-clad stock had me at ‘hello’ as soon as I opened the envelope. Yeah, walnut? I don’t need any walnut on my shotgun anymore. I’m going to have to fabricate an adapter block, and purchase some other pieces. In fact, the conversion is going to wind up costing about what I’ve got in the gun up to this point. But, it will be worth it.

If you want a good skeletonized stock to install as a folder on your AK47 pattern rifle, or any number of other guns for that matter, please don’t forget about this option. It’s more expensive than wacky tacky plastic, but it’s a whole lot more solid. You can expect to hear more about these things from me.

I also received my new Chicago screws and my flat dark earth and tactical pink thread. It has been a busy day in the receiving department today!

To nosy regulatory busy-bodies: I bought this with my own money and didn’t agree to review it here. It just struck me enough that I had to say something to my readers.