An Oklahoma bill that will authorize the use of silencers for hunting on one’s own property is making headway. I hope this passes, and they finally decriminalize and de-tax these clever and useful devices. If so, I can think of quite a few of my guns that will be getting cans! I want to go hunting without ear protection – it’s easier to listen for prey that way.

Smoking Blunder

I have not much weighed in on these buffoons. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, count yourself lucky. Nobody should. I have made my stance on trolls very clear. Don’t feed them. Although I am proudly friends with LawDog, and agree with his general sentiment. Um, make that sentiments… I think he’s giving them way too much attention. Don’t give them the attention. That’s what they’re after. If you keep sending them traffic, they win. LawDog, thank you for not linking, BTW.

It pains me that I had to find out about this delicious piece of parody from my wife instead of from its author. Go and read. I’ll wait. Bring tissues as you’ll laugh yourself to tears. Although the genius behind the smack and I are familiar, he did not include me in his email announcement on the new website. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn’t want to bother me with the issue as I had not yet weighed in on it. The reason I had not weighed in is because I didn’t think I had anything of value to offer. Regardless, well played, sir! That is some epic parody there. There are so many man hours in this work, and it is so well done! You should win an award.

I kind of wish I had come up with the parody website myself. I couldn’t think of anything to say about these morons that would make a point without drawing attention to them. But, smoking blunder does it quite well. Good job and keep up the good work!



That , as they say, is all.

Shooting Squirrels

But not like you are thinking. This showed up in my email box a little while ago:

I laughed and laughed. I had to watch it three times. I laughed some more. When I received the email, this was actually attached as a .wav file. I had to go out among the YouTubes and find it there to embed. Oddly, there are a lot of squirrel flinging videos on YouTube.

And I do mean A LOT!!

I’m a little surprised that we haven’t heard any squealing fro PETA about this kind of stuff. My parents are always complaining about the tree rats getting into the bird feeders. This seems pretty effective though:

Or not…

Especially if this stunt squirrel lives in your yard:

Clearly, not as effective as a .22.

Compound Bows – School Me.

When I was a kid, I had a little fiberglass recurve bow. I can’t remember much about it, but it was similar to the little JetBow that Wee Bot has now. I kept it strung with whatever piece of twine I could find that was stout enough that it wouldn’t snap when I drew it. I never had any real arrows, only pieces of dowel rod with the tips ground to a point. I didn’t even bother cutting a nock into the back of my “arrows”. And yet, I slew many a dry leaf or cardboard box with that crappy little bow. At some point, it broke in a way that made it not worth fixing, and it went to the garbage. I didn’t think much about archery since then until recently.

Right now I’m thinking about next year’s deer seasons. As I’ve been studying Oklahoma’s hunting regulations, it looks like we’ve got all of four weeks a year (including antlerless holiday season) that we can shoot a deer with a gun, and one week for a muzzle loader. By comparison, archery season spans two and a half months! This has me thinking about archery again.

The problem is, I don’t know anything about bows. Money is as tight as ever right now, so I really can’t afford to waltz into the local sporting shop and lay wads of cash on the counter for some slick, brand-new, guaranteed deer slayer. In fact, the closer to free I can get is going to advantageous. It looks like prices on used bows are quite reasonable on Craig’s List. The problem is that I don’t really know anything about these things.

The Wildlife Department dictates a 40-lb minimum draw, which seems to include any compound bow on the market made for grown-ups. I’ve seen some ads from people that I would be hesitant to do business with based entirely on their grammar and spelling, and other ads that are for a bow in a bag. As in, if you can put this thing back together, you’ll probably have a pretty decent bow! That sounds like it could be fun one day, but not for my first one, thanks.

So, how about some recommendations? Any brands or models that I should specifically avoid? Any features that are particularly noteworthy? Do you have something serviceable in the back of a closet that really ought to get a new, loving home? All donations are graciously accepted. You, my readers, are the smartest people on the planet, so let’s hear what you have to say about it. Thanks in advance!

Holster Malfunction

The modular soulder rigs I build are pretty much entirely held together with Chicago screws.  One of these I made for Daniel S to fit his massive .44 Magnum.  A couple weeks ago he emailed me saying that one of the screws had fallen out.  He asked that I replace the missing fastener and loctite all of them.  Not a problem.  We’d been planning a get together for feral hog hunting for some time.  I told him I’d take care of it then. 

Fast forward to now.   He and I are sitting in a blind, waiting for pork.  That’s not the funny part though.  As I sat down next to him, I felt a *SNAP* under my coat as my shoulder rig came apart.  I felt the gun from my right side slide around to my back.  Oh no.  Looking down, I saw the little screw fall to the ground.  I don’t know what hapened to the post – it has disappeared.  I’ve been using that rig regularly for well over a year now without issue.  I think Daniel S may be bad luck for Chicago screws!

Antis – What is wrong with them?

Stranger links to Sebastian who posts about the crazy anti-gun lady that everyone is going on about. I’m not going to post a link, nor will I put her name here. What little traffic I get, I will not share with her. She’s definitely unhinged and out of touch, and pretty much an idiot. Even so, don’t feed the freaking trolls! Until now, I’ve been very careful to not pay her any attention. I was going to post a comment on her thing about this, but I didn’t want to use my Google ID, and I don’t have any of that other stuff (OpenID, TypePad, etc.). This actually works better, because I’m far better off publishing my comments here rather than giving her free material to generate more discussion and traffic with.

She links to TTAG and throws quite a tissy about this picture, which he embedded:

Not black, stupid. Just undead.

Why is it that the antis have this cute little way of never listening to reason? She started out certain that the picture in question was racist in origins, proving that gunnies have sinister motivation. When commenter, Anthony, gives irrefutable evidence (in the form of this link) that she was being ignorant and silly, the response is basically that being against zombies is just as bad.

… :/

I’m almost surprised that she didn’t accuse her commenter of setting up that website himself just to make her look bad.

Soooooooo, you’re NOT wrong because you can’t be wrong because you decided that you were going to be right in advance. Is that about the size of it?

I don’t think she would publish my comment anyway, but that’s okay. I would challenge her and those like her to be slightly more open-minded. I could probably get anyone who is interested in bashing freedom, contact with some good, knowledgeable people in their local area who could teach them about guns and help them better understand gun culture and gun safety so they won’t make such mistakes. It will give a lot more credit to the anti-gun agenda at the very least. As it stands, this is just making us all look bad. And seriously – why are we even still paying any attention to this harpy anyway? Heaven help us if she ever learns of this video:

We’d never be able to explain that! 😛 I’ve been looking for an excuse to embed that one for years!

Weekend funny.

When Jen and I woke up this morning, I said that breakfast sounded good. She agreed and we discussed the possibilities. We have eggs and sausage in the refrigerator, but that just sounded like too much work. There’s a McDonald’s around the corner, and that sounded like a far better proposition today. As we ate our breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, and sipped the lattes that I did make here, I noted an environmentally conscious depiction of Ronald McDonald on the back of my hash brown sleeve. He made me think of something else though…











These guys have got to be related! 😛

Hunting Redux

Unless this is your first time to visit my blog, you have probably read that Jen and I are starting to hunt. When we went out to the farm last Saturday, I had this idea that we would sit there for a couple of hours, shoot an animal, process it, and then take it home. When that didn’t happen, we largely regarded it as a failed hunt. Since then, I’ve begun to think differently about it.

We set up our bait on Friday and returned to hunt on Saturday morning. Not only did we not see any hogs, we also saw no sign that our bait had been noticed by them. This was curious and noteworthy for certain, if not a little discouraging. Still, we’d seen so much sign of them that it seemed improbable that they would simply turn their snouts up at our offerings. So, when Jennifer got home from work on Monday we loaded up the car and drove out to do some more scouting. It’s usually about a thirty to forty five minute drive, it’s about a ten minute walk into the baited area from there, sunset is at 6:00, and Jennifer gets home around 5:00. We brought rifles with us, but thought it was unlikely that we’d actually get to shoot anything.

The pigs still had not rooted out the corn and stuff that was underground, but had pretty well cleaned up all the surface bait that we left in our primary location. When we made it to our secondary, it was a similar story, with the bait even more thoroughly gone through. And, I swear I heard oinks and grunts from the woods at the second location. We had to check the bait by flashlight, as it was after sunset and starting to get dark. This gave us a renewed charge. Our hog hunt had not been a failure after all, as it turns out we just aren’t done yet.

I’m not sure when we’ll make it out next, but we do plan on keeping both bait stations maintained. I figure that if they know that they can expect a supply of corn and treats in those two locations, they’ll keep coming back. Eventually, they’ll get shot. In other news, squirrel season just closed with us collecting but one. It did make a nice dinner though. I’m pretty sure Jennifer will post pics on her blog of it on the grill. I don’t think that anyone enjoyed the grilled squirrel more than Wee Bot. I know he’ll be looking forward to the next time we have tree rats. Also, we located another clear cougar track and attempted to photograph it with a cell phone, but the pic didn’t come out very well. As in, you can’t really tell that there’s a print of any kind in the photo. Yeah, I really want one of these! They cost about half of what they were last time I looked at them, and I’ve got a birthday coming up in about seven months. 😛