Ear Bugs

You ever listen to a song and hear another song in it? Not that the artist sampled a prior recording so much as like a musical phrase that eerily mimics an earlier work. It’s often different enough that you have to wonder whether it was deliberate or subconscious on the part of the composer. Sometimes you don’t even know what the other song was, you just know that you’ve heard that line somewhere else. I had one that was driving me nuts. Jennifer and I listened to the same 15-seconds of this song over and over until I figured it out. Article one:

Pay close attention starting at 5:30 on that one and compare it to this next track, starting particularly at 4:35:

Since it’s Lady Gaga, I’m calling this one an homage. The two songs are even in the same key. It wouldn’t be too hard to edit together a smash-up between them. Now, I can’t very well embed a Lady Gaga video without further comment anymore, can I? So, the following are bonus thoughts for your to munch on. Or should that be bogus thoughts… At any rate, read on at your own risk.

1) Is she playing the girl at the piano and the guy sitting on it? If so, she’s making out with herself there. That is so Lady Gaga.
2) The weird visuals kind of clash with the smooth melody. Not that we should expect any less.
3) It took me seeing the mermaid about four times before it registered that she was topless. They did some impressive makeup there.
4) There were a whole lot of Frankenstein allusions in there. Then again, she is totally playing out the whole ‘Monster’ thing.
5) Still, I’m more a fan of Stephani Joanne Angelina Germanotta‘s marketing genius than any of her other arts. The Lady Gaga videos are put together for shock value to an ADD-riddled audience and her songs are as formulaic as the worst pop I’ve ever been subjected to. The whole package though, the sale on the whole flavor, that right there is artwork.


I have cringed at the poor quality of the snaps that I’ve been able to put my hands on and it shows. I’ve been so resistant to use snaps in my leatherwork, opting for any alternative. Until now. I just received my first order of DOT snaps. These things are U.S.-made and severely overbuilt! Each component is physically made of more material than any of the competitive products. As in, when compared against Tandy’s off the shelf Chinese snaps, the metal has to be twice as thick at least. Initially, I was attempting to find two different sizes in matched snaps that simply wouldn’t rust when I wet the leather for shaping. Everything that I’ve been able to find prior to the DOTs has been cheap stamped steel with a cheap nickle or brass plating. By comparison, the DOTs are solid brass with a plated finish, so they ought to do the job nicely. I’m excited and can’t wait to get to work with them! For those of you who have ordered items with snaps recently, sorry for the wait. I hope this proves to be worth it.

As if to Prove the Point…

Last week, I lost my leather tracing stylus. It was as though it vaporized. I turned my little workspace upside down and inside out looking for that little tool. I’m lost without it. It is the only suitable tool I’ve got to transfer my designs from pattern to leather. Without it, I’m stuck in the water. The local Tandy is a good 45-minute drive out, and we’re still in one car. I walked the two miles to the local Hobby Lobby in the hopes that they carried them, but to no avail. Over the weekend, I bit the bullet and ran out to Tandy. There were a couple of other odds and ends that I needed anyway, so it wasn’t that big a deal. Today, I was going through my knife drawer and saw the stylus in with the blades. What the…? I have no idea how it wound up in there. Of course, I had to do a double-take and make sure it wasn’t the brand new one. But, no. No, now I have two styluses… …styli? Anyway, as the saying goes, the best way to find something that you have lost is to replace it.

What Kind of Gun Should You Get Your Wife?

As Jennifer looked at handguns, in her pursuit for that next carry piece at one time or another, she has occasionally run into that quintessential old timer that thinks she should just stick to a .38 DAO revolver. You don’t have to wander far on the interwebtron to find a forum thread discussing what gun to buy for the wife. My buddy, Instinct is doing it right. He discusses pros and cons of several guns that he and his wife are looking at for her to carry and then sums it up with this gem:

In the end though, it’s her choice so I’m just going to shut up and hand the guy the money.

Smart man. This is a foretelling sign of a long and happy marriage. If she gets the gun she likes, she’ll want to shoot it. The family that shoots together survives the Zombie Apocalypse together.

Occupy OKC… I Guess.

You can see pics from News OK here, and from KOCO here. From the KOCO website:

Hundreds Dozens gathered at Kerr Park in Oklahoma City to protest whine about corporate greed something they can’t really even define and social inequality having to face the consequences of their own stupid decisions like a grown-up. Eyewitness News 5’s Carla Wade was there and snapped these photos because the news has been particularly slow recently.

And from News OK:

A view of a general assembly meeting the complete population of deadbeat hippies in the State of Oklahoma during Occupy OKC at Kerr Park in downtown Oklahoma City, Monday, Oct. 10, 2011. Photo by Nate Billings, taken with his iPhone, The Oklahoman ORG XMIT: KOD

All corrections mine. πŸ˜›

Well, That Was Different…

Baby Girl’s parents don’t have actual custody of her brother at the moment. However, he did decide to visit them for Fall Break this year. Brother-in-Law asked if we could load up and come to their place for some shooty goodness. They live way out of town, and have several acres at their disposal – all perfectly legal for shooting. Shooting from their back porch is actually a pretty good arrangement, with a creek and natural wooded berm as a backstop. They basically wanted to make the weekend as special and enjoyable as it could possibly be.

So, we got there this evening and set up. It was dark by the time we started shooting, but we had light by the porch light and a nice bonfire. We started with the .22 bolt action, shooting .22 CB Caps. Then the Ruger 10/22. Everyone enjoyed the AR-15, including when I bump fired it. Next, we broke out the pistols. Jennifer’s M&P9c got some more time with several shooters, as did her FNP45 Tactical and my M&P45c. We were having a fantastic time, assuring that everything was as safe as possible, even to the point of enforcing one gun, one shooter at any given time.

Baby Girl was happily shooting away with my .45 with me close at her shoulder when I heard my older nephew shout, “CEASE FIRE!!! POLICE!!!” Maybe I shouldn’t have bump-fired my AR…

That’s about when I snatched the pistol from Baby Girl’s hands. I dropped the magazine and locked the slide back by the time I heard the officers shout, “This is the County Sheriff’s Department! I want everyone to drop their weapons and put their hands in the air! When I come around this corner, I want to be the only one with a gun in his hand.” My locked open and empty M&P hit the dirt. And it was ironically dusty in the particular spot where I chose to dump my poor pistol.

A plain-clothes officer with a badge hung around his neck, accompanied by a beat cop came around the corner of the house with pistols drawn and flashlights on. As they approached, I asked permission to remove my ear plugs. They inspected our makeshift range and asked as to who lived in the direction that we were shooting. We explained that it was nothing but woods as far as the imagination could go in that direction. They carefully inspected our target area and saw the berm behind. They paid particular attention to my M&P in the dirt. They asked if we were only shooting handguns and I told them that we had shot a couple of rifles earlier.

They seemed satisfied with our setup and said that everything seemed safe, and added that they had received numerous 911 calls. Maybe I shouldn’t have bump-fired my AR… They explained that everything that we were doing was legal and looked like good, clean fun. God bless Oklahoma! They explained that due to local noise ordinances, we needed to stop shooting by 10:00 p.m., but that still gave us a good half hour, so we should party on. So we did. And, it was good. And, it made for a really good story.