Evyl – Search Fun – Link Rich

Both of you have read my recent post, in which I talked about my tied top three search terms. In the same vein, I decided to have a little search engine fun. I know that when I do a Google or Yahoo! search for ‘evyl robot’, it very reliably leads to me. Whether that’s my current blog, my old blog, where I’ve commented on other people’s blogs or interwebtron forum thingies, etc. Anyway, I got curious about searching for ‘evyl’ and thought I’d give it a whirl. As it turns out, I’m not nearly as original as I thought! In a Yahoo! search for ‘evyl’, I don’t even make the first page of results! Rather, I’m on the fifth hit on the third page of search results, bested by the likes of Evyl Clothing Company (NSFW and under construction), Emerald Valley Youth Lacrosse (LOL!), a couple of illustrious myspace profiles, blogs I’ve never heard of, and some other random stuff.

The Google search for ‘evyl’ is a little less demoralizing to me, as I come in solidly at the sixth hit on the first page. I’m right underneath Dr. Evyl’s Underground Lair 3.0 (under construction), From Evyl With Love (a vulgar and occasional blogger), one post by the aforementioned From Evyl which seems to be his contribution to some online rolling story, and then two links to Mystress Lady Evyl’s website and blog. Apparently, she does a lot of workshops and sells a lot of paraphernalia related to BDSM and… …how shall we say… …toys.

So, it seems that I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have to make my interwebtron presence more prevalent than online church magazines, websites under construction, and children’s sports teams. I’d like to thank both of my readers for sticking with me, because I couldn’t have made it this far without you! Now, I look to the future!


This just popped into my head the other day. What is up with the grouping together of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, anyway? I’ve read people saying that it sounds like their favorite store, not a gubermint agency – and that’s funny, but I have a different thought.

I can have a lot of fun running a shotgun or rifle at the range with both hands, or I can have a handgun in either hand on a course that I’ve set up out in the field. I’ll shoot the targets on my right with my right hand, then I’ll shoot the targets on the left with my left hand. After I’ve had my shooty fun, cleaned and put the guns away, I can sit out in the evening with a single-malt scotch in one hand and a hand-rolled maduro cigar in the other and be as happy as a pig in s**t.

If God had wanted alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to be all together, he would have given me four hands. I’m just saying.

Search Terms – Little Holsters, Apparently

In the analytics service that I use on my blog, it tracks keywords that people have used to find my blog in search engines. I just brought up my cumulative results since I started keeping track, just for funsies. The results are fascinating. In a 3-way tie for the most prolific search terms:

evyl robot
cobra derringer holster
j frame holster

I’m actually pretty relieved that so many people who found me in a search engine actually meant to do just that. As for the other two, I think it’s really telling that there’s so much interest in these particular holsters. I suppose I understand the interest in J frame holsters, as the S&W J frame is so incredibly prevalent for personal defense. Add to that the fact that a Taurus snubby will fit in a J frame holster as if it was made for it. On a first impulse, I would think that people would be wanting 1911 holsters more than anything else. Then again, 1911 holsters aren’t exactly difficult to come by. I’m going to have to get one of those Cobra Derringers so I can start making more holsters for them. (Now for some eye candy!) This one little holster has generated a staggering amount of attention, and I know I could make a far better one at this point:

And then, there are the J frame holsters that I’ve done. I love J frame holsters! The very platform is so solid and compact that it is a great carry piece, and the right holster makes carry options virtually limitless! Here’s the original purple cross-draw that my wife carried for so long, and her beloved ‘pinky’ that replaced it:

And then, there’s the deep-cover semi-SOB belt holsters in red and ‘fabulage’. These have been a huge hit as well!

The bottom line is this: I need to get a Cobra Derringer and I need to focus more of my time developing holsters for it and for S&W J frames.

Short Outage

If you attempted to access my blog earlier this evening, and it wasn’t there, it really wasn’t there. I (and by ‘I’ I mean my wife) just upgraded my install of WordPress to avoid worms. Apparently, there’s some kind of bad security breach on the older versions. As you should know by now, I’ll have some other fun stuff posted in no time flat. Sorry for the inconvenience. Happy reading! Yours always,

–E. R.

Good News and Bad News…

The wife and I enjoyed a lovely day at the range today. The kid shot well, and the two of us got to put a lot of lead downrange. We met quite a few people who we have talked with on the gun range forum. The more experience I gain, the greater my confidence becomes that gunnies are by and large great people.

I may have mentioned on here before that I’ve thinking of buying a Glock 26. After shooting, the three of us sat with my parents in law and chatted with another couple that we met on a previous trip to the range, while we ate lunch at the range cafe. The gentleman with whom we were speaking is a major Glock fan, and a bit of a pistolsmith. I mentioned to him that I am thinking of buying a G26. He commented that he had had one, but sold it. I asked why he decided that he didn’t want it anymore, as I’m always looking for reasons that it might not be the best use of my money. He explained that he liked his G19 more, and no longer needed his G26.

My look must have been inquisitive enough, as he was then compelled to show me his modified G21 that he was carrying. The grip frame was cut down so that it would accept the magazine for a G30! The beauty is that a slightly longer slide is easy to hide in a proper IWB holster (giving the velocity and sight radius advantage), but the long grip of a full to mid-sized combat pistol prints like crazy. With the chopped-down Glock, carrying the subcompact magazines, you get the best of both worlds. Thus today, I realized that I want a G19. And, I want to cut it down to the G26 grip length, to create the hybrid Glock 19/26:

Yup. I’m really glad that I haven’t gotten that G26 yet.

When we got home this afternoon, our son said that he’d like to ride his bike. We told him to stay close, and to be careful, but to have fun. Momentarily, he came back in the front door and announced that his bike was gone! We scoured the neighborhood together, and asked our neighbors if they had seen anything, but we wound up with few if any leads.

Our neighborhood is a safe one. We have neighbors that don’t lock their doors. Nothing has ever been stolen from our place in our decade here. The bike was parked in the driveway in front of the garage, and somebody took it. Pure and simple. I was so hopping mad! I’ve cooled down a little from it, but there’s a protective part of me that would still like to hunt down the punks that stole my kid’s bike and make them pay!

Anyway, it may be a little while longer before I can get that Glock. We may have to purchase a bike (and a lock) before that can happen. *sigh…* People suck!

BEMF – Not Science Fiction!

Usually, if you breach the subject of bio-electromagnetic fields with the layperson, they will look at you as though you just sprouted horns. But, ask around, and do a little research and you will discover that curiously strong BEMFs are not at all uncommon. Dixie Carpetbagger just wrote a fun little bit about his experiences with his BEMF, and Breda wrote about her husband’s magnetic clumsiness back in February.

Now, I’m no scientist, nor a doctor, and I have not yet taken any curriculum from MIT. But, here’s the basic skinny, as far as I understand it: All living creatures have electrochemical and electromechanical processes that are integral to their living structures. No reaction in real life may achieve 100% efficiency, ergo there will always be waste energy. Energy nor matter can be created nor destroyed in a normal reaction. The human body puts out an enormous amount of energy in various forms.

So, when you are digesting that burrito, and your system is stripping it down into usable, energy-packed molecules, and your blood goes whizzing around your body, delivering burrito molecules and oxygen molecules to all the cells of your body, your cells convert burrito and oxygen into energy that they use for the purpose of repairing damaged parts, reproducing, producing heat, fueling their specified purpose (flexing, passing impulses, etc.). There is energy released in ways that science has not yet nailed down exactly. That’s no dis to science as much as it is a hat-tip to the complexity of the human body (and its Creator, if you will).

Whether waste energy, or purposed energy, our bodies do release electromagnetic energy as well. This is usually an extremely low-level field that most people are not at all sensitive to and that leaves little or no evidence of its existance, so most people are never aware of their BEMF or its effects on the world around them. Some people though, Like Breda’s husband, Dixie Carpetbagger, my son, or me, have wild fields that follow us around like ghostly shadows, wreaking havoc on electrical devices of various sorts!

Dixie Carpetbagger says:

Or, at a lower level, Force Demagnetize. I do something similar, but less powerful (I have a very high iron content in my blood, I’m essentially a big electromagnet.) I can’t wear a wristwatch and I have to shield all of my USB thumb drives when I put them in my shirt pockets. Never zapped my credit card, though.

I was compelled to respond:

LOL! Welcome to the fold! When I was a phlebotomist, I discoverd that my hematocrit is unusually high. Most people who have this much iron in their blood are ill from it, and have to force anemia upon themselves to avoid liver poisoning and the gout. For me, if my iron count gets too low, I start feeling sluggish and fuzzy-headed.

I’ve never been able to wear a quartz watch for more than about six weeks – and that’s pushing it! When I finally switched exclusively to mechanical watches, they started lasting. I’ve got a couple of automatic watches that I need to run through the de-magnetizer, as they aren’t keeping time at the moment. Certain high-magnetic field areas make me feel dizzy or queasy: elevators, hospitals, radio towers, etc.

Have you ever tried to focus the energies in any way shape or form? When I was a mechanic, some of the other techs liked to listen to the kind of twangy country music that just drives me insane! When I eventually got tired of it and couldn’t take any more, I would just zap the radio. They would unplug it and set it aside for a while and eventually they could get it to come back on. I’ve never been able to tune an analog dial on a radio if I was within a couple feet of the antenna, and well-tuned radios tend to fuzz when I get in their proximity.

Medical magnets make my skin and joints hurt, and often leave me feeling sapped of energy. I’ve been known to ‘focus’ and release muscle knots in people’s neck, back, or shoulders with my touch. When I worked in a Ford parts warehouse, I could walk down the aisle where we kept vehicle hoods, and tell which ones were steel and which were aluminum without looking at part numbers or touching any of the boxes.

So, anyway… now that I’ve hijacked your blog… try an automatic watch. I know they’re expensive, but they will last. If you stop them, they can be demagnetized. Beyond that, do some exercises and see if you can suppress or intensify your field. If nothing else, it makes for some great party tricks!

That about sums it up, but I realize that I’ve forgotten one more little detail… Something else odd that I’ve noticed is that my body conducts electricity far more easily than most. The same goes for my son. We were once at the local science museum, where they have an exhibit that shows you how many milli-ohms of resistance your body puts up. This exhibit is basically a sensitive ohm-meter mounted behind glass, connected to two stainless steel plates at waist level. You put your hands on the plates, and it reads the electrical resistance across your armspan.

I put my hands on the plates and the needle on the gauge pegged. I said aloud, “It looks like this thing is busted. That’s a shame.” My wife then put her hands on the plates, and the needle rose to about 1/3 of the scale and floated there. I tried it again, and the needle pegged once again. I told my son to try it, and the needle on the gauge pegged, just as it did for me.

So, I decided to try a little experiment. I held my son’s hand, and instructed him to place his other hand on the one contact plate while I put my free hand on the other. Even with our bodies in series, the gauge needle pegged, just as it did with either of us alone. So, we stepped it up a notch, and placed Jenni in series between us in the circuit. The needle predictably rose to about the third of its scale, as it had done when she tried the machine on her own.

Conclusion: My son’s body, and my body seem to put up little if any electrical resistance. I’ve said to him (half-jokingly) on multiple occasions after the fact that the two of us are more likely to be struck by lightning than other people, and we’re the most likely to survive the experience. We as a practice don’t stand under tall trees in thunderstorms just for good measure. It seems like everyone who experiences this anomalous condition notices it in slightly different ways. Clearly, its an odd little thing that many people have at least heard of, but I have not been able to find much in the way of actual research on the subject.

Sig Sauer, I Salute Thee!

I try to keep my keyboarding fingers clean from most of what’s going on politically, and leave politics to the pros. I have my convictions, thoughts, and opinions, but there are some who are far more studious on such things. Every now and then however, I’ve got to say something. This is one of those times.

The ‘cash for clunkers’ program will prove to be one, big, epic, circle-jerking FAIL. People who bought cars during this particular program were going to buy a car within the next few years anyway. That means that the cars that they bought to get their $4,500 Federal Cheese are simply a loan from the future of the industry, as those cars will not be purchased when they would have been in the next few years. Plus, because of the way the rules read, there were a lot of people who wound up buying economical imports rather than keeping the money in our own economy. So basically, instead of people supporting our market in the coming years, they’ve been bribed with tax dollars to pump that money to foreign shores. Brilliant!

Enter Sig Sauer. I got an email offer from them last night concerning their new promotion, “CA$H for your KLUNKER HANDGUN“. Apparently, some snarky dude in Sig Sauer’s marketing department decided that it would be a great idea to poke fun at the U. S. federal government for the profit of the company. The rules seem to paraphrase as: If you trade in an operational handgun of at least 9mm or .38 Spl caliber, they will give you a $200.00 cash rebate when you purchase a new Sig. So, if you have a beat-up Charter Arms that you’d like to upgrade from, why not trade it in on a new P250? I love it!

Biblical Thoughts

Have you ever noticed how many of the biblical stories that we all know are so very vague? You know there has to be a real story there, but they sum it up in like one or two emotionless sentences. For instance:

20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field.

Genesis 2:20a via Bible Gateway

Alright. This sounds like it may have been an event of some kind. I understand that mankind has always been interested in his surroundings, and that we want to grow, understand and conquer our settings. But, this is just a little on the bland side. This passage came up on Sunday, and my mind got to wandering…

*In The Garden of Eden, Adam is given the task of naming all the creatures on Earth. God is keeping track as he goes.*

“God, we’ve been at this for hours. Are we done yet?”

“No, Adam,” God chuckled at the new human, “There are still lots of animals. What do you want to call that one?”

“Hmmm… I think that’s going to be a bird.”

“Alright. What about this one over here?”

“That one is also a bird.”

“Are you sure? These two creatures are quite different from each other.”

“Oh, good point! Well, the first one can be an ostrich and the second one can be a sparrow.”

“So, neither one is a bird?”

“No, they’re both birds, just different kinds of birds. God, are you getting all of this?”

“Oh, yes. Both birds, ostrich and sparrow. I’ve got it.”

“God, I’m getting bored.”

“Let’s just name a few more animals, and then we can take a break for a while. What about the creature on the log? What would you like to call it?”

“The one on the log? I don’t know. It’s kind of slimey. On a log. On a log… Let’s call it a frrrrrr… Let’s call it a FROG! Hee hee!”

“Alright, ‘frog‘ it is. What about the one standing next to it?”

“That’s a DOG!”

“Okay. And, how about the small one swimming in the water beside them?”

POLY-WOG! Hahahahahahaaaaa!”

“Now, you’re just being silly! Come on, Adam. Just a few more animals for now. Look at that one over there. What do you want to call it?”

“Woah! That is one weird looking animal! God, why’d you make that one so strange?”

“I had to mix things up to keep creation interesting. What would you like to call it?”

“It’s just so bizarre! It needs a really weird name. Let’s call it… …a… …plat… …eeeee… …pus! That’s it! It’s a platypus.”

So on and so forth. I have to wonder if there ever were more details that got lost somewhere in the oral tradition. Maybe we’ll know someday.

New Grips (Gun Porn)

I asked both of you to help me decide what kind of wood I should order my grips in. Then, I made a decision that was consistent with the popular vote. I ordered my new grips, and said this:

I got my check and order sheet mailed off on Thursday, August 20. Snail mail will probably take about a week to get there. Kim Ahrends said that they are running three to four weeks on orders recently, and snail mail will probably be another week back. So, I’m looking at five to six weeks from the 20th. That should put them in my greasy mitts at the end of September, hopefully.

Well, snail mail surpassed all of my expectations, and Kim Ahrends underestimates himself in his emails.

Yesterday afternoon, the lady boss handed me keys and said that I should check the mailbox. She said that there was a box in the mailbox that she couldn’t get out that she thought had my name on it. At the shop, we’ve got one of those battery mailboxes that’s shared by all the divisions on the block.

When the mailman pulls up, he’s got a key, and he can open one big door to gain access to all the boxes at once. He shoves the mail in that side and locks it up. When we get the mail, we unlock the box from the other side, through a little door. Or box is the one on the bottom corner. The opening on our side is a lot smaller than the one on his.

So, I unlocked the box and saw a USPS-printed box inside of it. It was physically impossible for me to remove it without either destroying the package, or using the jaws of life. I took out my pocket knife (everybody should carry at least one) and slit the tape on the end of the box, pried open the end, and removed the newspaper-wrapped contents. With the contents on the curb, I crushed the box and pried it out of the cubby. Returning to the office, I found that there were my two sets of padauk grips in the crumpled newspaper.

They are everything I wanted them to be! They are gorgeous and fit the guns character nicely. I almost couldn’t wait for 4:30 so I could unite them with their steel hosts. When I got off, I had no proper tools, but I removed the rubber, Hogue Bantam grips with a stack of gift cards and installed the new, pretty Ahrends’s with my Swiss Army knife.


Tell me that doesn’t look right. I haven’t shot with them yet, but they feel nice in the hand, and my clothing drapes over them beautifully. The stock Altamont boot grips have way too much checkering, and the Hogues are way too much rubber for this quality of drape. The Ahrends’s don’t snag cloth, they don’t dig into skin, they don’t poke my back, and they are beautiful. I am super-stoked about my birthday present this year!

If either of you have a S&W revolver that you are looking for grips for, I would greatly recommend Ahrends. These would be the second and third set of his that I’ve specifically ordered. Jenni’s 627PC came with a set in the box, and they are great too. Kim Ahrends’ prices are good, and he’s got a great selection of woods. I don’t have any experience with his 1911 grips, but I know that he made his start with them, so they can’t be bad.