You know, I’m not too big to say I was wrong. Back in November, I was telling everyone I knew how I wanted to be wrong about the newly elected. I thought he was a typical, Chicago-style, deep-dish, corrupt politician that would make promises and back-pedal out of promising that which was impossible to deliver, or just because he didn’t mean it when he promised them. But, this morning, look what I found on my porch:



OMG!!!! I thought that our undocumented-in-chief would send his knee-breakers to hunt me down for my dissent. But instead, he wins me over, offering me the olive branch in the form of this mythological creature! And, it has healing powers! It’s like the bestest health-care evah! It has healed my soul. *sigh.*

All seriousness aside, I found out by reading my wife’s blog that Chuck Norris is pissed off at the new health care bill. So, to those of us who think it’s another smoke-screened conglomeration of lib-turd pet-projects, no need to worry! They pissed off the Chuck! He’ll doubtlessly be in D. C. to kick some flabby, corrupt butt before we know it! Problem solved!

Fabuflage J-Frame Holster…

Anytime you start something new, specifically when you are making a high-quality, handmade product, your first ‘customers’ will always be friends and family. My friend Tammy was curious about my holsters. She thought she might want one, but didn’t know exactly what kind she wanted. So, she did the only reasonable thing and went to a mutual friend. She borrowed the red holster that I made for my friend Will. Needless to say, her Taurus snubby fit into this holster quite well. She really liked the fit, how tightly it pulled her snubby into the beltline. I built the previous holster for the S&W Centennial frame, so it didn’t perfectly fit her Taurus, which it shaped more like the Chief’s Special. Regardless, she said that she wanted one ‘just like it.’ I did make a couple of improvements, though.


This one has full-grain hide on the inside against the gun and the back surface is raw split, against the wearer’s back. This provides a slip-free fit, so the holster won’t shift along the belt. The front surface is calf-skin bonded over the stitching, and I finished it in a camouflaged pattern of blue, emerald, and burgundy with a very light silver metallic frost. I finished the whole thing off with a super high-gloss sealer.


I nipped off the top corner of my original pattern for a couple of reasons. First of all, this holster is stiff enough that it created too much retention for such a small gun. Secondly, the elimination of that much material makes this holster work well for Centennial, Chief’s Special, and Bodyguard frames. It fits the S&W J-Frame and the Taurus equivalent. If I were to mass-produce one, this would be it.


The reason this one is built as a zero-cant lefty is that it is out of the way of a right-handed wearer, but the gun is easily accessible to either hand. I’d like to claim credit to the concept, but I cannot. This was suggested to me by Will, for the first of these that I made for him. It turned out really nicely, and it has been wearing well, apparently. She’s been wearing this holster on a daily basis for several weeks now, and I hear that it is not showing any signs of wear. I’m confident that these things will wear really well for the long-term as well!


Feel free to browse my other holsters.

Time to Brag a Little

I’ve been borrowing my mom’s Winchester 69A Match Grade. This is one of the more accurate, easiest to aim guns I’ve played with. It is not a child’s gun. The buttstock is uncomfortably long and the 25-inch bull barrel is too heavy for my son to be able to shoot this one well. But, the Lyman micrometer peep on the receiver lined up with the tiny, beaded front blade makes for some very fun .22lr plinking for the grown-ups.

On Saturday, my wife and I met up with a coworker and his wife for a morning at the range. I shot a beautiful little 10-shot group at 30-yards. This is a little more like I want to be able to shoot.


I specifically focused on breath control, trigger control, and focusing on the front sight. The work paid off and tightened up my grouping. I’m looking forward to Appleseed next month so I can get that even tighter!

Performers vs Writers

In the music industry, there are those that are great writers, such as Twila Paris or Leonard Cohen. Then, you have those that are great performers, such as Elvis Presley or Cher. When the stars are properly aligned, we are lucky enough to get some artists with both, such as Nirvana or Trent Reznor.

Then, you’ve got another type of combination – those that are great performers performing songs written by great writers. I submit for your approval Prince performing Cheryl Crow’s “Everyday Is a Winding Road” and David Garrett performing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Enjoy: