Jen’s Fitness Challenge

Aw, F! I’m not exactly sure how I got roped into this. But, needless to say, I have committed to getting myself into better shape. I kind of like my current shape. Well, ok. I admit that there are some improvements that I would like to impose on my body. Besides that, life is more fun with an improved body. I’m certainly not going for Hulk or Mr. Universe stats, but there are some things that I am looking forward to doing.

Of course, her crazy New Year Stunt caused me to do some work beyond push-ups and crunches. Jenni was talking about how she wanted to buy a scale so she could post a weekly update on her measurements and weight. I told her that we didn’t need to buy a scale since we have a perfectly good one in the garage.

Jennifer's Starting Weight

This, my friends is the scale in question. This is after I disassembled it to clean out the spider nest that had been constructed between the viewing lens and the zero. I don’t recall whether this one came from Grandma’s house, or if I picked it up at a garage sale, but I thought it was beautiful and wanted it, even though we had no use for a scale at the time. It’s a vintage Health-O-Meter, a relic of a forgotten era when things were made of a legendary material known as ‘metal.’ Everything was built with beautiful lines, and everything had an ‘O’ in the middle of the name – much in the same way that everything has a lower case ‘i’ at the beginning of it now. Take this Juice-O-Mat for example:


Yes, this was the Golden Age in which a computer was a device as large as a high-school gymnasium, and had the awesome processing power of a modern greeting card today. This device was known as a Calc-O-Tron, I believe. They cost as much as a Banana Republic and could play chess, or do grade-school arithmetic. If these devices were built today, they would be boxy looking, made of plastic, and would be called iHealthmeter, iJuicemat, and iCalctron.

But, I digress. Please allow me to get back to my tangent. Fortunately, I’ve been feeling very industrious recently. I’ve been taking pics of my new shotgun, which I’ll write a post on soon. I’m trying to get a nice little collection of images together so I can post a graduation from 21-year-old, hunting pump to elegant, zombie bane.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of organizing, cleaning, and creating, so the restoration of the Health-O-Meter is a logical progression from what I’ve been doing anyway. As Jen posts pics of her progress, so shall you see the progress on the old scale. I’m thinking of having the case blasted and powder-coated some wacky color. I’m a sucker for red, but a period mint green might be really nice. The lens is pretty scratched up, and I’ll probably see if the scratches can be buffed out. It’s glass, so I’m not afraid of scorching it on a buffing wheel. I’ll probably wind up scraping and painting the guts of the thing. It appears that about half of them were zinc-plated, and the other half were white steel. They have all gone mostly to rust. Thankfully, the steel parts are thick, and should clean and paint easily. The step pad on the surface of this scale is some kind of linoleum or something. It is very brittle, and has been coming apart as we’ve been handling it for this project. I’ll probably replace it with a piece of leather or vinyl or something. Brightly colored urethane might be nice if we decided to go black on the case. I don’t know yet. The little chrome bezel has seen better days, but I’m not exactly sure what to do about it yet. I could have it stripped and re-plated, or I might just clean it up and see how it looks after everything else. I suppose I could take it down past the chrome, prime and paint it to match the case. If I did that, I would probably go back over the raised lettering in a different color to bring that out. Well, it shouldn’t take me all year to do something about the scale, so I’m sure that you will all get the opportunity to see its transformation.

Oh, yeah – I guess this is where I can get back to the main point, huh? I’ve made it my goal to gain some weight, trim a couple of inches off my waist and put them on my chest and biceps. I don’t think this will be hard to do. I’ll try not to change shape too radically, because I don’t really want to have to replace my nice clothing all at once. We shall see what we shall see.