Jumped. The. Shark.

I know I’ve been hitting the politics pretty hard and heavy recently. Let’s take a break from some of that, shall we? Teen Bot pointed me to this YouTube video, and I must say that it did induce some laughing out loud in a very literal sense. So, please do check it out. There are more than a couple of familiar faces in this little production. I hope it brings a smile to your face as well.

Srsly. I wish life could be more light hearted and silly.

Open Carry – First Day in Oklahoma

As you have probably already heard, Open Carry went into effect today in the State of Oklahoma. I don’t intend to do a whole lot of OC, but I have been preparing for this. I’ve sold several OC specific rigs to other Okies in the last year. I made a matched pair of ostrich, horse, and stingray paddle holsters for my Performance Center revolvers, and have a black belt with red stitching to match them. Jennifer got a new, red, metallic, patent leather holster to fit her FN with a CT Rail Master and a matching double magazine carrier and belt. She also got a black holster for the same setup with flat dark earth stitching to match her pistol. Today, I’m wearing my M&P45 in black basket weave with matching magazines on the off side. I think they probably set OC to go into effect on November 1, because it’s usually too cold to not wear a cover garment this time of year. Joke’s on them though. It’s absolutely beautiful out! Before the sun was up, I took out the trash and rolled the dumpster to the street, carrying openly. Nobody was out and it was dark. Nobody noticed. Twice today, I checked the mail with my gun uncovered. Nobody was out. Nobody noticed. So, this historic date remains boringly non noteworthy. If I was trying to make a statement, I’d be quite disappointed. Frankly, if I wasn’t the holster maker, I might very well not ever Open Carry. I don’t know for sure. I figure I probably will from time to time, but not indiscriminately. As I go about my daily life, I prefer to stay far more under the radar than that. Even so, experience tells me that most people wouldn’t notice even with the gun hanging out under their noses in plain sight. It should be interesting to see how this works moving forward.

KTKC – Many Thanks!

You people are truly awesome. AWESOME. Twenty-four hours ago, I had not generated a single donation for the cause. I appealed to my readership in my frustration and have seen $150.00 $160.00 come in since then. With sixteen days left in the month, if we can keep this pace, we could raise $2400.00, which is very nearly $2560, which is over* half of the flippant goal I put on my page. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Big, big thanks to you all. And, if you haven’t donated yet, please do. Every bit helps – even five or ten bucks at a time will add up in a hurry. Please do give however much you feel called to.

*corrections made, as I got a donation while writing this entry.

Overheard on the Back Porch – KTKC

Me: “It suddenly occurs to me that I’m wearing a Scottish kilt with U.S.G.I. combat boots and a BDU shirt, and pointing a compound bow across the back yard. You’ve got to be some kind of weird to find yourself like this.”

Teen Bot: “Or, some kind of AWESOME!”

Me: “Thanks, buddy.”

*Sigh.* The kid is 13.5. I have no delusions that he’ll always think I’m cool. In fact, I’m honestly surprised every time something like that pops out of his mouth anymore… Kiltpic!

Please donate!

*My spotter couldn’t see where I hit in the above pic. I don’t think that I went off paper, but won’t rule it out as completely impossible either, as I wasn’t familiar with the gun. As unlikely as it is, I think I shot through someone elses prior hole by luck.

Holsters 4 Heros

The girls pushed me into this. Jennifer likes to brag about nice thing that I do way more than I like to. Anyway, it’s no secret that I have done my craft for the benefit of the troops at one time or another. More and more often, I have our men and women overseas contacting me to inquire about a custom holster for their issued M9 pistol. I hear the issued holsters are pretty crappy. Anyway, I would really like to be able to not charge these brave people who are serving – I’d like to make them a holster and ship it. Unfortunately, not operating at a loss is more important in my business model than supplying holsters to the troops. Bills get paid better anyway. I was chatting with Erin and bemoaning this very fact. Currently, I’ve been working with several individuals in our armed forces who are looking for new rigs. I was telling her about a woman in particular in Afghanistan who needs a different holster. Erin said that as generous as people have been to her, she would be more than happy to help pay for this young lady’s holster. And then, an idea was born. I ran the idea past A Girl, as this is kind of up her alley. She loved it. And the idea became a plan. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to have to do legally, but my plan is to offer the custom M9 holsters for sale, but treat the troops like their money is useless. I’ll accept donations from anyone who cares to sponsor an M9 holster, and I’ll keep a list of those who are serving that have expressed interest in a holster, and basically have a random draw for the next recipient if the list of interested gets too long. Is that too vague, or too specific? Is there anything I should be thinking of differently about this? Any of you law savvy people know of anything that I need to be careful about with this thing? I want your input. So, bring on the flames. And the advice. And start donating.

Good Times

I revealed earlier that there was some disappointment last weekend. On Monday, MattG, Lawdog, and Phlegmmy came back through to pick up cars and continue on home. The last couple of winters have been sufficient to cycle the peach pits, and although our last peach tree died, there were quite a few sprouts in the yard this spring. Last summer was brutal enough that it killed all but one of the peach sprouts. The reason this works into the story is that we’ve been looking for homes for peach trees. Lawdog and Phlegmmy took three of them and MattG took one home as well.

MattG is insane, by the way. It sounds as though he took off exactly enough time to make the NRA Con. As in, the limiting factor for his arrival at my place on Friday was when he could get off work, and the determining point on when he had to get back home was when his next shift started. So on Monday, he had just enough time to exchange pleasantries, take a red Solo cup full of peach sprout, shoehorn himself into his Civic clown style, and split. Phlegmmy and Lawdog had places to be and puppies to pick up, but at least had enough time that we got to grab a late lunch with them. The food was pretty good, but the company was great! As much as I always appreciate our group get togethers with the bloggers and enough hardware to take over a banana republic, sitting down to a meal just the four of us was a rare treat. We got to enjoy the NRA Con vicariously, and Lawdog tells me that I need to have a booth next year. *sigh* Trade shows are so expensive! Who knows, maybe I’ll be moving enough cash to justify it by this time next year.

Schutenfest was an insane amount of fun, but I’m really looking forward to Phlegmfest. It’s so nice to just sit around and chat. It’s nearly impossible to replicate that experience on the firing line. Unfortunately. Perhaps I should invest more in silencers. Although they wouldn’t work very well on my ported, Magnum revolvers. Perhaps I should invest in a Nagant revolver and put a can on that. But, that’s a tangent of its own. Besides that, the shooting tends to be distracting beyond the noise associated with it. And that’s probably a good thing.

Moving forward, the weather looks pretty good for this weekend so far. We’re still up in the air on whether we’re going to try to make it to Borepatch’s deal. On Sunday, I was able to sight in my bow for twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty yards. I’m here to tell you, fifty yards looks a lot shorter through rifle sights! However, I was able to plant a four-shot group within a dinner plate sized group at that distance. If it hadn’t been so windy, I bet it would have been tighter than that. There are wild creatures that are in more peril now than they were last week. Unfortunately, Jennifer did something mysterious to wrench her back and has been appropriately pathetic since. I took her to the witch doctor chiropractor on Tuesday and she seems to be getting better, but the jury is still out as to whether she’ll be in shotgunning condition by Saturday. I have my doubts that she’ll be up for a full-blown blogshoot though. Additionally, if we can’t get our hands on a car that burns less oil, I don’t see making the drive.

Between meeting with friends on Monday, Taking Jennifer to the doctor on Tuesday, and Teen Bot’s state testing on Friday, I’m not getting much done this week. I’ve actually gotten a whole lot more done than I thought I would though. And I’ve got an engine to rebuild next week. I coveted MattG’s beat up Civic over the weekend. It shouldn’t take very long to overhaul the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan. If we’re lucky I bet we can pull it off in two days. Worst case scenario, I imagine we’ll have it back together by the weekend. We’ve got to get it back together so we can go meet up with our remote friends!

The Paddle Holster

Cross posted at The Holster Site.

Over a year ago, Old NFO commissioned a paddle holster from me. I’d never made a paddle holster before, and I had never worn a paddle holster before. Other people had asked about these things in the past and I had declined the work because of my lack of experience with them. But, Old NFO is a friend, and a very honest one at that. I knew that if the holster sucked, he’d tell me so and do so with affection. So I took some notes and cobbled together a holster. When we spoke about the holster after the fact, he pointed out the fact that the smooth leather the paddle was made of was entirely too slick, and he couldn’t draw the gun without drawing the holster. I made a replacement paddle with the rough side out and a cleat stitched to the pants side of the paddle. He since reported that although it works well and he’s happy with it, the paddle should be made slightly wider on any subsequent models. Duly noted.

And then I was approached by the Prop Master working with In Plain Sight. The show did purchase a holster from me, based on Old NFO’s holster, and they filmed a scene in which the holster is given to the show’s main character, Mary Shannon. However, it appears that the holster scene got cut in editing. In the meantime, I was featured in Shooting Illustrated because of this holster, and in Concealed Carry magazine for another one of my holsters. The Shooting Illustrated article raised a lot of traffic for me, as did certain bloggers who are really cool people that have been consistent support since I started this thing. Thank you for that! Even though the holster may have been cut from the show, it still generated some new awareness, and I’m thankful.

All of a sudden, people started ordering paddle holsters. I decided that I had better do some time in one of these so I could make them the best that they could be. So, I made one to fit one of my 586L-Comps. Although I’d never much thought about paddle holsters, and never really saw myself wearing one, I like it. It’s tons more comfortable and concealable than I ever thought it would be. I wore it for about six weeks and then I performed a deranged experiment on it. When Jennifer announced that she got some Tannerite, Say Uncle suggested that we should torture test a holster with it. What a great idea! Because, when we blow it up, I can see where all of the weak points are by where it breaks. That was the idea anyway. I miss wearing that holster. I may have to fix it. And yes, it is quite fixable. Having the 1/2-lb of Tannerite it was sitting on detonate did not break it beyond repair. Heck, it didn’t even break a stitch. I realistically should have had a dummy gun in the holster when we blew it up, but I’ll try to remember that for the next one. More video and pics are on the way.

I’m trying to get my catalog organized so we can put it on the website. It’s been a lot harder than it ought to be. But, suffice it to say that the paddle holsters are here to stay.

Scandium Fever

I’ve been cataloging a lot of different gun models in a workbook that I’ll use for business purposes. This has of course whetted my appetite for new guns. I wonder if this is a valid price for this product.

Six hundred, fifty bucks seems a little low for a hurt-your-handium S&W in today’s economy, and I could just almost come up with that kind of scratch. I don’t have a snubby and really need* one. I’d really like a light weight Magnum model, and the 360 would fit the bill quite well. Then again, had I the bucks, I’d be tempted to save up the additional $220 and go with the no-lock, no-hammer version**.

And, I had no idea they were making this beauty.

DO WANT!!!!! I’ve shot the 25-oz 329PD before, and found it to be quite unpleasant. The so-called Snubby From Hell hits with a lot harder recoil than the .44, and in so crosses a line beyond unpleasant and comes back around to entertaining. To me, anyway. But I’m a recoil masochist. The 329PD leaves the experience somewhere in the just unpleasant territory by contrast. I find my 48-oz, 6.5-inch M29 to be very pleasant to shoot but not much fun to carry around. The long sight radius and the velocity from the long tube make it a viable shooter at longer distances. Heh. My revolver thinks it’s a carbine. But, it’s the factory engraved model and I won’t put it in a holster. It’s as awkward to lug around as a rifle without a sling. It really is a range queen.

The above mentioned XL Hunter, however… At 33-oz, it pretty well splits the difference between the just unpleasant 329PD and my lugubrious M29. I wouldn’t feel bad about stuffing it in a holster, and it would run around the farm with me. That thing would kill anything in Oklahoma and a few surrounding states. It was very well made as a hunting handgun. I’ve been wanting a .44 Mag that I could carry in the woods with a clear conscience, and I think I’ve found it. I was thinking stainless, but the fully-lugged 6.5-inch scandium model might be even better. I tried to call the local merchant of death to find out what this baby retails for, but they didn’t answer. I know they’ve been very busy lately though. Perhaps I’ll chat up my gun selling buddy and see what he can work out for me…

Now see, this is what always happens. There’s a gun I really need but there’s this other gun that I kind of need but want more badly. What will eventually happen is I’ll get the one that I really don’t need as much. *sigh* Maybe I could just get a cheaper .38 instead of the Magnum and then also the .44. At the risk of sounding like a pathetic beggar, if anyone feels like playing Santa, I wouldn’t refuse a donated gun***. You know, in the name of science. Or something. Also, Ruger’s 10/22 TD is freaking sweet and I want one three. IMHO, that’s how the 10/22 should have always been.

*No, seriously. I sell more holsters for snubbies than anything else, including 1911s or Glocks. I kind of owe it to my customers to get a snub that I can wear for the purpose of R&D.

**Yes, I know it has a hammer internally. But, “no-lock, no-external-hammer” doesn’t have quite as nice a ring to it. And I know that flag removal is pretty easy, but I’d prefer to not have to remove parts of my gun to make it suitable for defensive purposes.

***My birthday is in August, FWIW. πŸ˜‰

Weekend funny.

When Jen and I woke up this morning, I said that breakfast sounded good. She agreed and we discussed the possibilities. We have eggs and sausage in the refrigerator, but that just sounded like too much work. There’s a McDonald’s around the corner, and that sounded like a far better proposition today. As we ate our breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, and sipped the lattes that I did make here, I noted an environmentally conscious depiction of Ronald McDonald on the back of my hash brown sleeve. He made me think of something else though…











These guys have got to be related! πŸ˜›

What Kind of Gun Should You Get Your Wife?

As Jennifer looked at handguns, in her pursuit for that next carry piece at one time or another, she has occasionally run into that quintessential old timer that thinks she should just stick to a .38 DAO revolver. You don’t have to wander far on the interwebtron to find a forum thread discussing what gun to buy for the wife. My buddy, Instinct is doing it right. He discusses pros and cons of several guns that he and his wife are looking at for her to carry and then sums it up with this gem:

In the end though, it’s her choice so I’m just going to shut up and hand the guy the money.

Smart man. This is a foretelling sign of a long and happy marriage. If she gets the gun she likes, she’ll want to shoot it. The family that shoots together survives the Zombie Apocalypse together.