Ah, the Interwebtron!

One of the greatest things about modern technology is that just anyone can record and publish themselves, with or without any credit beyond the will to do so and a handfull of relatively cheap tech, without being accountable to anyone else. One of the most horrible things about modern technology is that just anyone can record and publish themselves, with or without any credit beyond the will to do so and a handfull of relatively cheap tech, without being accountable to anyone else. Erin has said that I should watch My Little Pony on one occasion or another. See, the problem is that as a Lady Gaga fan, if I also became a brony, I’d have what’s left of my man card confiscated forever.

Regardless of any of that, I had a sudden urge to listen to the Born This Way CD while I was emailing, which has become my Monday work routine. Thank God for YouTube! And between emails, I discovered that there are enough Lady Gaga covers floating around YouTube to gag a horse! Therefore, as one of the unchecked jackasses on the interwebtron, I’ve compiled Teh Official, Unofficial, Born This Way Fan Tribute Album!!!1!!. Check it out! I think this one is really good, and the spirit matches the original even if the style is quite modified. If I wasn’t already familiar with the song, I would have my doubts that it was actually a Gaga piece:

And this one is just so sweet. Ironically, the title song is my least favorite on the CD. But, putting it in a child’s voice gives it new relevance, not at all unlike Johnny Cash’s rendition of “Hurt”, or Young @ Heart’s cover of “Fix You”. Anyway, this young lady does a great job with the material:

This next one is so close to the original, but it does have some new flavors from the artists’ personal touches that it works into a nice little cover. To all of you thinking of covering others’ work, this ain’t a bad way to do it:

Don’t do it like this though, unless you’re going for the comedic value. Which I don’t think that’s what this guy was going for:

I will give this dude an honorable mention actually. Apparently, he got a hold of the lyrics before the music or recordings were out, and he ran with them and a good helping of personal creativity. Which makes it less of a cover or remake than like a premake or something. Anyway. Shalalala!!!!:

There are a bunch of accoustic covers running around, but this one has a particular energy and charm that some of the others lack:

Of course, I can’t accuse this next one of lack of energy or charm. She has impressive mastery of the language that brought us the phrase “besame mucho”. Close your eyes and you’ll forget this girl is a white blonde:

I like this one for its simplicity. The artistic liberties that she took are respectful and appropriate to the original. And her look makes me kind of believe that it’s true for her:

And this is just fun. It would make a good back track for a car chase scene with machine guns. Don’t feel like you have to go through the whole three minutes. It does get a little repetitive:

And this girl has a charming little voice. She reminds me of a cross between Nataly Dawn from Pomplamoose and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Again, artistic license used well:

I couldn’t find much on “Bad Kid” that did much for me. Although this is not bad, I wish this kid would express a little more in the performance. The technical bobble a the 0:43 mark really gets to me too:

This gal has a lot of talent. She’s posted several song covers to YouTube. She needs better monitors as she has some tonal issues in some of her videos although it’s not a consistent problem. I’d also like to see a little more interesting interpretation on the guitar part. Still, she’s worth a listen:

And of course someone would do a metal version of “Heavy Metal Lover”! He does a nice job of it too, IMHO:

And this is just creative and funny. I’m not sure I really get the point of the video, but I may have to watch it while I’m not doing something else when I get a chance:

My hands-down favorite song on the CD is “You and I”. The best cover of this song that I could find on YouTube in five minutes of searching is the version by Jenny Lane and Adam Stanton, but I can’t embed their video. And Kalifornia? Seriously? Soooooo, I’ll just embed Savannah Outen’s cover of this song instead, which is also excellent:

One of the problems that I keep running into is that most dudes who decide to do a Lady Gaga cover come across more queer than Elton John singing Lady Gaga. I don’t have a problem with them being queer per se, but nobody should ever come across as more of a cupcake than Sir Elton Herculese John. This guy, on the other hand, does a nice job with this song. I could make complaints about the stylistic lilting that’s so popular right now, and I could make fun of his rolled sleeves, popped collar and feaux-hawk, but after the “Government Hooker” guy from above, I don’t really see the point. Enjoy:

So, there you have it. If you have made it this far and actually listened to all of that and followed every link, I salute you!

UPDATE: As to the little girl singing “Born This Way”, it turns out I’m not the only one who noticed:

Madison Rising

(cross posted on In Jennifer’s Head)

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Zack S, to promote an upcoming video by the freedom-loving rock band Madison Rising. After listening to the song in question, I told him that I’d love to embed the video when it came out, and asked if I could get some promotional materials to send out to my readers. So, it is my pleasure to present the brand new music video of their song “Right To Bear”:

I highly recommend buying the album. The song in the video is probably one of my least favorite on the album, to tell you the truth, even though it rocks, if that tells you anything. You can listen to samples of their other songs on the website. It appears that this album is available both on physical CD and through iTunes through the link above the embedded video. Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility. They are standing up beside Starbucks, in the light of the antis ban, and are completely unapologetic RKBA supporters. These are our people.

The sound is unique and great. Bray’s vocals are well-delivered but gritty. Sam Fishman owns the drums, blending traditional rock beats with military sounding cadence at times. The accomplished guitarists Christopher Schreiner and Alex Bodnar bring the whole thing together with nothing less than professional rock technique. The refreshing and unconventional conservative themes sound almost out of place with the style, but these guys make it work. Actually in truth, I’d recommend almost everyone buy this one, because you see, to sweeten the deal, Zack sent me three signed copies of the CD. I’m listening to one of those right now, even as I tap this out on the keyboard. Two lucky readers will receive the other two signed copies.


And yes, that is a pair of S&Ws behind the CDs. It just seemed appropriate. I had a ton of fun helping Jennifer with her Gun Casket giveaway, and I wanted to think of something silly to do on this one. So, here’s my half-baked plan… Recently, we picked up a bingo cage on a clearance sale:


I’m pretty sure this was a store return because the packaging was pretty well demolished, it didn’t come with the cards, and it is missing a ball. I didn’t bother to check and see which of the 75 balls is missing. Yeah. I want to keep this interesting. Simply put a comment on this post and the post on Jennifer’s blog about the video and band as well, and post three numbers from 1 to 75 in your comment. We’ll give one CD away based on the comments here and one based on the comments there too. So, if you comment both places, you’ll get two chances to win, but you can only win one CD, and only one pick per blog please. Basically, the person with the most numbers guessed that get rolled wins. For instance, if Dude One picked 12 22 70 and Chick Two picked 12 35 24 and the numbers drawn are 12 47 24, Chick will win. In the case of a tie, we’ll pick whoever was closest on each differing number. So, in that case, if we drew 12 20 72, Dude would win. You get serious bragging rights if you can guess which ball is missing from the set. You get a bonus prize if you guess all three numbers exactly, especially since you have something of a one in 170-billion chance of getting all three right. I don’t know what it will be, but I’ll come up with something for you. Maybe we’ll video the drawing itself and see how confused we get by the ridiculous rules I just made up. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Madison Rising as much as I am, and I hope you’re just as excited about the free signed CDs!

Free Stuff Teaser

Later this week, I’ll announce a give away that I imagine you people will be interested in. Here’s a teaser…

UPDATE: Imagine my surprise when I found out I can actually drop the real bomb this afternoon! I suppose this afternoon is later this week than this morning…

Merry Effing Christmas.

Yeah. So on Christmas Eve Eve, we went to sushi with my parents. That was pretty nice. I seriously loaded up on sushi. The day after, on Christmas Eve, we were at Jennifer’s rents’ house with all the ensuing drama. To my glee, nobody too weird showed up this time. I did get quite a bit of Baby Girl snuggles so that was good. On Christmas day we went to my parents’ place (showed up late due to miscommunication) and stayed until about 11:30 playing Wii. Today, we went to my Aunt’s place. My grandparents showed up, and Grandpa traded quips with Great Aunt Eleanor about who was going to die first. They are 91 and 83 respectively. Yeah. That was cool ‘n stuff. And I got in a fight with my mom and aunt respectively. Unintentionally. Tried to skirt it and not disagree with them. Concerning ADD. And meds. Awkward. I was really trying to be good. I really didn’t disagree with anybody at the table, they just didn’t realize it. And Aunt Eleanor said that she wanted the following song played at her funeral because nobody but NOBODY could cry during this song and there was to be no crying during HER funaral!!!!eleven!!:

This video is a cuter video and fits her personality far better. She’s very funny and charming and has a whole lot of spirit. Yeah, not so much – not a dry eye in the house, actually. I’m glad Christmas is over, and looking forward to the new year. I’m going to have to shoot an email to Aunt Jill saying that I don’t think she’s a bad parent for having her kid on ADD meds. How the crap does this happen anyway?

Overheard in the Kitchen this Morning

While playing the Moulin Rouge CD, I commented to Wee Bot that the movie had great costuming, beautiful sets, a creative and well-executed sound track, and a really crappy story.  I told him that the songs were all old songs rearranged for the movie and that the voices on the CD were actually the actors in the movie.  He thought that was cool.

“So,” he asked, “what was it about?”

Indicating points with my fingers, I explained, “Dude falls in love with the wrong girl.  She doesn’t return his affections.  Then, she dies.”

“That kind of sucks,” he commented.

“Yes,” I affirmed, “yes it does.”

And with that, I’ll leave you with Nature Boy as performed by David Bowie, which is why I put that CD on this morning in the first place.

Incidentally, does anyone remember this hilarity?